Sunday, 5 August 2012


Toby and Zak have been allowed to go with Mum and Dad to visit Aunty Kim, While all the adults are inside talking the two boys venture out into Aunty Kim's large garden...

"Wow " says Toby  "look at this great Windmill ! "
"It's big! " reply's Zak watching the sail move round.

" I bet it's just like a ride at the fun fair spinning round on the sails!" exclaims Toby
" No" says Zak " It would be scary I  think!"
Then before he can add any more Toby dashes forward.

Toby leaps up onto the sail that's just passing.

"Wooo Hooooo " Yells Toby in excitement as the Sail starts turning.

 "TOBY COME DOWN" cries Zak

"Oh NO! " Zak cries as Toby looks like he is about to slip off the sail.

"HANG ON TOBY" Yells Zak watching as the sail reaches the top.

"Ooooo" cries Toby as the sail swings round.

Zak runs to the other side of the windmill holding out his hands
"I'LL CATCH YOU TOBY " he cries.But suddenly the wind gusts and the sails spin very fast and........

the sails of the windmill are torn from the mill and land with a loud thud at the side. Zak is horrified. " Toby " he whispers.

By some miracle Toby is still hanging on to the sail!His eyes tightly closed.

Zak helps a stunned Toby find he's way off the sail.

"Just a bit further" encourages Zak.

Two shaky little boys give each other a hug, while they catch their breath.

Seeing the damaged sails, the two boys, somewhat wobbly, set off to put some space between them and the windmill..

They vanish round the corner into another part of the garden " We'll say we were playing over by the dovecote" says Toby " We never went near the windmill...We'll say Windmill? what windmill?"

Unfortunately for Toby Mum watched everything from the kitchen window her heart in her mouth! A certain young man is about to be grounded....possibly for life!!!!


  1. Dee-you should have heard my gasp when Toby climbed onto the sail and then again when the sail got torn off. Although, by then I was chuckling. It's always amazing what two little boys can get up to (and believe me, I know). Thank you for putting some fun into my day.

  2. Another great post Dee! I really enjoyed it :)
    PS Don't be too hard on Tobes though :)

  3. It's a wonder I've not had a heart attack today. What with Ben Ainslie's challenge on Denmark's Jonas Hogh-Christensen sailing so close to the wind, followed by Andy Murray's and Roger Federer's Wimbledon tennis match.... and now THIS!
    Typical 'in denial' ending for these two mischievous boys, well certainly extremely naughty Toby...not so much more easily led, Zak.
    I have to ask 'Was the sail meant to come off or was it an accident with Toby's extra weight on the sail?'
    Now breathing a sigh of relief (that is until the Athletics tonight!) as no one was harmed here and all turned out for the best in the Olympics with Team GB winning two gold medals.
    Another wonderful entertaining post. Just off to have my afternoon rest to hopefully settle my mind and heart beat from all this excitement.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  4. Toby is just too daring for his own good sometimes. Can you imagine what Hattie would have said if she had seen him. I'm glad all is okay, and hope the windmill was easily fixed.

  5. On my third/fourth (couldn't resist daring to have another few looks after my afternoon rest when my heart was beating more regularly) I had time to notice Zak's movements during Toby's scary adventure. His reactions to all that was happening are nothing short of terrific! Eyes glued, arms aloft, feet ready to race to the rescue can really relate to his anxiousness.
    Love the boyish hugging when everything was over and Toby escaped unharmed and finally the casual walking away from the disaster scene plotting as what to say so as not to be blamed for the broken windmill.
    Your blog stories just seem to get better and better.
    Sasha love and many thanks from Kendal.

  6. Thanks for all the comments. Toby is feeling the effects of his adventure and Zak had a nightmare but is ok. Toby feels guilty about Zak's nightmare, so as promised to be long that will last is anyone's guess