Friday 31 August 2012


Mitzi is Ironing a DollyDoodles t shirt for one of the boys.

Mitzi likes Ironing t shirts and getting the little creases out.

" Hello Mitzi" says Hattie coming in." I have something for you"
" Oh What? "

" Let's put away the Iron and Board first " Hattie helps with the board while Mitzi puts the iron out of harms way on the side.

" Why have you bought me a present?" questions Mitzi looking at the large shopping bag that Hattie's placed before her.
" It's just a little something to say Thank you for all your help with the modelling of the hats" replies Hattie

Mitzi pulls out a lovely babooshka dress " Oh " sighs Mitzi " It's so lovely and my favourite colour pink!"

" Thank you thank you thank you Hattie " she cries pulling Hattie into a hug.
" That's Ok " mumbles Hattie embarrassed " Careful your'll crush your new dress"

Mitzi holds the dress up excitedly " Look Hattie Isn't it lovely, shall I try it on?"

" What it is , is very pink! " States Hattie " And yes try it on "
Mitzi rushes off.

Within minutes she back , spinning round to show Hattie all of the dress from all angles.
Hattie smiles, secretly pleased that Mitzi loves it.

" Now" warns Hattie " you must not tell the other's that I bought you this for doing the modelling or they will all expect me to buy them dresses ! Anyone else will have to make do with Mum's biscuits! OK? "

" OK " replies Mitzi " But I can say you bought it for me "
Hattie's not sure, she does not want the others to think she's getting soft! " Well Mum paid half so just say Mum bought it and I helped "
" Oh I must thank mum too " says Mitzi.

"Mmm" wonders Mitzi " Do you think Hattie will let me wear my new dress when I model her hats?" She follows Hattie upstairs to check....


  1. Hat has a very kind heart! Mitzi looks a picture in her new frock!

  2. What has come over Hattie with her unusual generosity and kindness towards dear little Mitzi?
    She's not ill or coming down with something I hope but just realising after her recent visit to Auntie Gill's how helpful Mitzi has been with the giving of her time (without any pay or reward) to model the hats from Hattie's Millinery Company.
    BTW Mitzi looks delightful in her new dress. Really suits her.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. Don't worry Kendal I'm sure that Hattie will be back to her bossy self soon ! But some times she stops and thinks about what she does and will try to make amends but then she's off down her road again and pity anyone who gets in her way !