Sunday 28 October 2012


Due to the lovely range of clothes Sarah put on , I was very bad and bought a second outfit ( in truth there was at least four I wanted ) and Ginny my No Navel red who is a little on the shy side, agreed to model it today.

It is  a new style from Sarah with a short jacket, trousers and beret.

You have lots of lovely hair Ginny , but we cannot see the jacket!

Thank you that's much better

Thank you Ginny that was very helpful.

Pardon? Oh how many people will look at your picture's? Well It could be no don't start having a panic attack!
Only about three really.....
Ah  Well Auntie Gill....and Auntie Kendal ..and Auntie Follower...

Yes that is a strange name....I'm sure you will have met them ,,I mean her...What does she look there's a question.....


  1. Definitely Auntie Kendal!!! Yes, I guessed that THIS was going to be the outfit that 'I' wanted!
    Absolutely delightful. Just perfect for this kind of weather we are experiencing.
    Adore your way around her question of just WHO will be looking at her photos. I just don't know how you always manage to come up with your amusing little twists and 'play on' words. Makes my day!
    Ginny is a lovely Gotz No-navel girl with the rarer attractive brown eyes/red hair colouring.
    Enjoyed seeing the back view of the outfit... and her hair. We so often forget to take this side of things.
    Sasha love and thanks Ginny for overcoming your shyness to let me see my sorely 'missed; outfit! From Kendal.

  2. Well, Ginny, she has blond(ish) hair, is not all that much taller than you are, give or take a metre, possibly the same age (now there's a thought, not anywhere near as pretty (that's a given) and loves looking at your mummy's blog! xxx K????????????