Tuesday, 23 October 2012


The girl's find Hattie packing her hats.

" Hattie we have a problem, can you help us?" says Callie
"I'll try" Hattie replies.

Mitzi's spotted the PINK cat pinafore and hat !
" Whose dress is this?" she asks Hattie
" Our's"
" Oh does that mean I could wear it ? "
" Yes " Hattie replies " it belongs to all of us"

" Mitzi! " calls Callie " Pay attention! We need to ask Hattie's help"
" Sorry " says Mitzi turning to her sister and away from the lovely pink dress.
Callie explains the problem with the new Sasha cupboard.
Hattie puts away the hat she is packing.

She gets the girl's Christmas savings tin and places it on the table.
" Let's see what we have in here"

She empties it onto the table. Mmm not a large amount.

" Look" says Mitzi " a fifty pence! Can i have it to buy some sweets?"
"Sorry No " says Hattie " We will need all the money we can get to solve the cupboard problem"
"Ok" says Mitzi " How are we going to do that?"
" I have a plan" Hattie say mysteriously

"Well while you are planning I am going to put on this lovely pink pinafore and hat" states Mitzi
" Pinafore Yes " Says Hattie " Hat No! The hat is sold and is being packed to send to the buyer"
Callie pipes in " Mitzi you have a pink hat up stairs, you do not need that one "

Mitzi put's the hat back not understanding at all why her sisters seem to think that having just one hat in a colour is enough! She's have hundred's of hats in pink..if mum would let her!
She goes off to change into the lovely pinafore planning on finding a nice pair of pink shoes or boots to go with it.

"Right " says Hattie to Callie now Mitzi's gone off to change " For this plan to work all the girl's will need to give up most of this months pocket money and we will need Mum to give us some extra money too"
" Goodness " says Callie worriedly " What have you decided to do?"
" I have decided to contact someone who can solve this problem for us "
" Who?" wonders Callie
"Come on " says Hattie " lets ask the others what they think and if they'll pay up! "

To be continued......


  1. I guessed that Hattie would be involved somehow (the mother figure in your crewe) and know just what to do about getting the clothing down from the top of the wardrobe.... but have to admit that I'm still in the dark about just how she will achieve that unless she plans to buy a ladder with their pocket money.
    Please don't keep me in suspense for too long.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  2. What I should like to know is this: Dee, have you added a Sasha wing to your house??? xxx Karin

  3. You give your Sasha kids pocket money??? :)