Friday, 12 October 2012


A couple of weeks ago I was innocently looking a the US ebay site when I came across a young Gregor , one I had wanted for a while, but I was good and just looked  and put him in my watch list then went back and bought him!

He arrived in UK on 4th October then spent until today waiting in customs! Obviously he was being quizzed to make sure he was not coming to this country to work illegally ! He's just a child but they need to make sure he's not older than he looks ;)

I have called him Dexter, he is a brunette 68 Gregor with slightly falling hair and lots of sand falling from his joints.....

Here he is after I went all the way to collect him to save him spending longer in his box.

My first ever doll with a gold tag! He is mint condition.....but now he's here......

"Hello Who are you? " questions Toby coming into the photo session " AND how come you are wearing autumn clothing!"
 " Hello my names Dexter and I have just arrived " Dexter replies " and this is what I have always worn "

" And I came in this tube from America, it was a long way and then I had to spend ages in a place called customs, where they asked me all sorts of questions " Dexter confided " And then they put me back in the box and sent me here "
Toby feels a little bit guilty about being unfriendly to his new brother.

Toby pats Dexter's shoulder in sympathy of his long journey " Well you are here now and mum will soon have you settled in " he tells him " of course you'll have to have a wash and change of clothes, everyone does"
" Oh " says Dexter in surprise " I thought I'd just come out and say hello then go back in the tube. That's what usually happen's "

"Well you are not going back in any tube now Mum's got you. You'll be taken here there and every where when she's doing a post for her blog"

Dexter cannot believe his ears No going back in the dark tube for years on end ! He hopes his new brother's not telling him lies.
" What's your name ?" enquires Dexter
" Oh Tobias but everyone calls me Toby " says Toby " come on let's get you settled in. " he looks down " I wonder where all this sands coming from?"
The boy's go off together in search of Mum.


This is some and I do mean some of the sand that is coming out of him.

 more on his neck from taking off his sweater! and there is lots in his tube, maybe that's why he is so mint every time someone took him out he spread sand everywhere so they just put him back! I have seen shelly say of a doll that it still as sand falling from it's joint's but I never thought she meant this much!

Well Dexter will be standing a while naked while we resolve the sand issue , which is everywhere, hair clothes etc and then he'll have a smart new set of clothes and meet all the other.

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