Sunday, 7 October 2012


Not to be out done by the girl's Duncan and Nathaniel decide they need to put on warmer clothes.They are saving their Dolly doodles wear for the really cold weather, so searched through their clothes box to find something to tide them over.

First up is Nathaniel ( Nate) whose gone for the beige and brown tones.His shirt is by someone on ebay who sign on is Maz something, his trouser I think are Nellie rose and his beautifully made waistcoat is by Catherine French and I purchased it at the Sasha Festival, shoes are commercially made.

Nathaniel is a 68 shorts boy, a truly beautiful Gregor.

Next is Duncan who is wearing a sweater by Gill that came with matching long socks and trousers by Michelle, my sister, who sells on ebay under snuzz1mich62

Duncan is an 80's blue cord boy.


  1. Duncan and Nate seem to be sensible lads then in copying the girls and changing into more warmer gear in readiness for the colder weather but saving their Dollydoodle joggers and hoodies for the really bad climate. Looks like my boys haven't got that next stage standby as they went straight into theirs and will remain in them until next Summer.

    Wasn't it lovely for us to have been able to have had that little retail therapy on the Saturday night at the festival...although I would have loved a little more cash as there were so many beautiful things to choose from it was hard to prioritise as to what one could and couldn't have.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. Oh Kendal , just to have a chance to go back to the sale night at the festival, I would have taken a lot more money and then been able to bring back more wonderful Sasha/Gregor goodies ! My one consolation is that I kept to my budget..

  2. That Catherine French waistcoat is a little piece of looks beautifully made and really suits Nate