Saturday, 20 October 2012


Mitzi's gone to the new Sasha cupboard to get a change of clothes. She loves Vintage Sasha but she really needs some PINK! Mitzi's favourite colour is pink and she always likes to wear pink somewhere even if only a ribbon.
She looks at the big tall cupboard and decides there is only one way to get a nice pink outfit....

She will have to climb......

She manages to get on to the first shelf....

She carefully edges along to the corner then.............. Oh No! She suddenly cannot move! She's frightened to go up or down !....

A voice says " What are you doing Mitzi? "

"Th thank good.ness " Mitzi's voice trembles " I am... stuck "

" It's OK " Comes another voice " I've got you. Just put your foot here" says Toby tapping his shoulder.

Within a short time, with Dexter's help Toby has Mitzi safely on the ground. She sits down to recover.
" Mitzi Why were you climbing the cupboard, it very dangerous you could have fallen " says Callie

" I wanted my Pink dress " explains Mitzi still quite shaky " and Mum's put It right up the top"

Callie helps Mitzi up " Come on let's go ask Mum to get you down a dress "
" But I wanted to get it myself , I'm nearly six I should be able to get my own clothes " says Mitzi sadly

 " I know " says Callie understandingly " We'll go and talk to Hattie she'll think of something "
Mitzi thinks that's a good idea so she goes with Callie in search of her big sister.

The boy's are left at the cupboard. Dexter looks up at the clothes " Your sisters have a lot of clothes "
" No MY sisters dont but OUR sisters do! " states Toby.

" Yes " says Dexter still a bit shell shocked from finally escaping his tube " that's right OUR sisters " it makes him feel all warm inside.He realises that Toby is looking at his legs " What?"

" That's it I am going to find my dolly doodles joggers and top! I am not waiting any longer "
" Are they in the cupboard? " asks Dexter " I can give you a hand up onto the shelf"
" No " replies Toby " we're boys we don't need no cupboard only Girls" he smirks "need lots of clothes. Our clothes are in a box "
"Well  let's go get them " says Dexter
" Great ! This way " says Toby marching off followed by Dexter whose getting to quite like this family lark!


  1. Love the bit about Dexter only just escaping out of his tube and now becoming part of the family.

    What a fantastic wardrobe to store your Sasha's clothing and shoes. Everything in it's own space and the dresses all hanging on hangers so no creasing. I hate to admit that mine are all squashed into various boxes with crumpling right, left and centre....and I don't iron!

    Super storyline as always causing me to get cross with myself as I can never think of one for MY Sasha Brood.

    Hope that this story has a happy ending and Mitzi gets her PINK...though if Hattie is going to be involved I can't see it running that smoothly!
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. It is a great cupboard however I have so many clothes. they will need thinning out!
      This storyline has a few more places to run and Hattie will be helping it along!

      Kendal you have great story line sand even better photo's I cannot wait for your fun day photo's to see what I missed !!!
      sasha love Dee

  2. Lovely post with Mitzi and the gang! Thank the Lord 'Tobes' is actually going to get some warmer clothing poor kid!!

    1. It's character building for Toby to have his knees out in the cold! Like poor Tate whose working ouside all day on his fencing business to keep a roof over his young head now he's been cast out into the big BAD world!!

    2. Tate loves all that fresh air...and in the evening he can have a glass of wine in his bar in Hove :)

  3. Well, what a cupboard, Dee! And so neat!!! Your girls are thoroughly spoilt! What is it with girls and pink, I wonder! I think it is probably in the genes! I hope geneticists will soon find the 'pink gene' and put us all out of our misery! Great story. xxx Karin