Sunday, 14 October 2012


Well I left Dexter naked as the day he was formed until I could sort out the sand issue. Last night I was able to attend to him and found that the sand was mainly coming from his left leg! So after a lot of shaking and a bit of discomfort on his side, I had managed to remove most of the sand.

This is what came out of his leg!

Then it was off to the bathroom for a wash and hair wash. Once dry I found him a nice new set of Dolly doodles clothes.I think he is still in a little bit of shock that he's not going back in the tube!

" Are you sure?" asks Dexter for the fifth time " I do not have to return to the tube? "
" Yes I am sure"
" And I can keep these lovely new clothes? "
" Yes they are yours" says Mum " Now can you turn sideways please "

" Like This ?"
" Thank you Yes"

" I think I'm going to like it here" says Dexter shyly
" Good " replies Mum with a smile...


  1. He looks great,and funny but he does look a lot happier,i feel sorry for all the sasha dolls that are tucked away in a box or tube at the back of a cuboard or worse still up the loft seems strange but seems a kind of sasha doll abuse,lol.he is a happy fella now. :)

    1. Yes I agree, it's sad to think of all those sasha's and Gregor locked away somewhere! I love to release them into the sun.