Sunday, 14 October 2012


Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a small meeting of Sasha  people over in Surrey. It was held by Judith who was restricted in numbers by the hall insurance. There had been about 40 due to attend but a few fell by the wayside, so in the end there was about 20/25.

Hattie had been requested to take some of her Hat's, which was why she was sorting them the other day.

This young lady of Judith's greeted us at the door.

There were tables to put your Sasha's on to display them for others to admire! These are Judith's brood.

I loved the short hair on the waif on the right owned by Jane and also the outfit on the Angela in the centre.

Sarah Price had bought some of her NP girl's , I was hoping one might like to come home with me but they all said they were happy living with Sarah.

Some more Babies and Np's love the re root red and also the Harlequin in the left hand corner whose had her hair dyed a strawberry blonde/light red.

Although Gill and myself had been the 2nd and 3rd to arrive we put our Sasha's on the ledge were they spent all their time gossiping ! Gill's are the three who came straight from school and mine the following three.

Catherine French's girl holding her baby doll.

Steve's Sasha on left and Michelle's Sasha and Gregor on the right.

 Ronnie's girls on the left and Steve's two in the middle.

Just loved this boy of Steve's with the Np painted eyes in this Great very 
60's outfit. Could just see him strolling down the Kings road or Carnaby Street !

More arrivals on display tables.

 People donated to a Tombola stall, shown above and a raffle.

There were some sales tables.

 A few sasha's and a few Non Sasha's for sale!

Hattie selling her hat's with Gill's sweater sets to the side.

Everyone had a good chat, donated food for Lunch, saw how to make a felt hat or watch film about dolls and had a purchase or two and also raised some money for Charity. So a very good event! There was talk of holding a weekend event next year in a more central part of the country. I will keep you all informed!


  1. Thank you for the photos Dee! I am so sorry I couldn't attend. I am puzzled though I thought I was the only 'Ronny' to collect Sasha and there is obviously another soul out there with the same God forsaken name :)
    Named after my late Dad, my late Mum thought it would be fun to give me a boy's name...but with a feminine 'y' instead of 'ie'...thanks Mum...I hate it:)
    Love the pictures of the event though ...just like being there..:)

    1. Yes there is another Ronnie but short for Veronica. What a small world my Dad was called Ronald ( My nan always called him Ronnie)which is why I have Elton Ron the baby!
      I would have been great to have seen you at the fun day, It was a good event and nice for the retail therapy!

    2. I can't tell you how much I would have loved to have gone had my daughter been well enough to come as well, but hopefully next year ...and as for the retail therapy lead me to favourite hobby :)

  2. I was one of those longing to be there but unable to attend because of a musical event at our church in which I was very involved. I am so glad you had a good time and please keep me posted of the next funday as I would love to attend.

    1. It would have been good to seen you again and had a chat. there were a few from the festival there and lots to buy!
      I will be sure to let you know what's happening.

  3. Great to see these photos on my return home. Bought back some super memories until I can find the time to download and blog mine.
    Many thanks to Judith for inviting us (mainly her Dollydoodles customers or Sasha collectors living close by...due to limited numbers for insurance reasons) to this wonderful event and a special thank you to Lorna Horner for her very entertaining felt hat making workshop and to everyone who attended to make it a most memorable Sasha Get-together. Lovely too to catch up with some of the Festival goers once again.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. I look forward to seeing your photo's Kendal, I thought I'd taken more ! So will be able to see all that I missed when you do your post.

      It was great seeing everyone and Laura's hat class was very good.

  4. Thanks for posting these lovely pictures Dee! It was really nice to catch up with you at last! I haven't forgotten about the hats! I am off on my holiday, but when i get back i shall be in touch!
    I was wondering who the fab no nose girl belonged to! I have a real soft spot for them, lol.
    Thank you too for the nice comments on my boy! That fantastic outfit his wearing was from my very dear friend Ronny! xx Love Steve xx

    1. It was great catching up with you Steve, Have a lovely holiday hope it's somewhere warm!

      I love your boy and his outfit, I may sneak his photo onto the facebook group, so more can enjoy his fab look and Ronny does have good taste ; )

    2. Steve, the delightful No-nose girl belongs to Dee!
      Sasha love from Kendal.

  5. Thank you Kendal, as you know i do have a soft spot for them! Dee's girl is beautiful! I would love to see a picture of her Dee on her own, please!
    That's fine about my PJ boy going on facebook as i don't know how to do it, lol. I think my Rachael did put one on a while ago. I will have to ask her how to do it! Kid's they are so good with computers! xx

    1. everything I know about computer's been taught to me by a people much younger than me! Lol
      I am so pleased you will let me put your pj's picture on facebook, so love him in that outfit.
      I'll put a picture of Arabella on for you althought if you look at the older posts you will see her.

  6. Hi Dee, thank you so much for the trouble you took posting all those photos! They are great and give a good flavour of all that I unfortunately missed (sad face here). It makes me look forward to the next Sasha Fest! Maybe one day I WILL get to know you and your gorgeous Sashas personally! Well done again! Spot on. xxx Karin