Sunday 14 October 2012


A few weeks back a new Sasha supplier set up on called SASHAPOTAMUS, she sells lovely screen printed T-shirts for Sasha and Gregor and also all in ones for baby's.

These are the one's I have purchased but there are lot's of design's to choose from and lot's of colours.They come in the lovely little cotton bags shown.

A closer view.

And here is Ethan , who is looking for a new home, wearing the dinosaur T. Cassandra the seller also sells T -shirts for children in the same designs, well worth a look.
And also shown is the great little display stand which is sold by Ken and Doreen on ebay under the name wassno. Great for displaying clothes , I have plans for this in new year but you will have to wait to see what!


  1. Have bought one!
    A grey long sleeved with the red scooter and Gregor written on the inside neck!
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. At the moment I just have these one's but I will definately go back for more!

  2. As a rule i don't redress many of my Sasha's (and Gregor's). About half are still in their original cloths, but i might start redressing a few more, now i have seen these, lol. Thank you Dee for showing them on your blog! xx

    1. My pleasure Steve , I love redressing my Sasha's and Gregor's once your children get to about 5 , they won't let you any more! at least a Sasha does not argue!! all they can do is look bad to make you change them..Lol