Friday, 12 October 2012


Well I was still eating my breakfast when the sound of a tiny chair was heard being pushed across a surface!
Yes Milo was back! On his new napping place.

So despite me putting the table and chairs in the way , he still managed to fit himself in ! Well I had a few things to do , so left him for the morning and just when I was about to move him I got a phone call, so he had another reprieve and he must have decided that he'd made his point because he moved into the lounge and onto the radiator cover !

So Now yesterdays delayed post......

Hattie arrives carrying more hats " Come on girl's we must sort and price these Hats for tomorrow"

 Nancy starts sorting the hats.

" I think I'll have enough " states Hattie

Hattie goes over to the dress dummy and starts removing the dress.

She puts on a sweater dress, fitting it carefully over the top.

Then she puts a hat on top " That hat does not go with it" says Nancy
" I know but mum's not made the hat yet! and she's only made one dress to take! because she's getting old!" says Hattie with a touch of annoyance

"What's was that?" calls Mum from the other room , not quite catching Hattie's words

" I said " calls back Hattie " That you've got a Cold"

" Oh! It's gone now"

Having got away with her comment Hattie heads back to the table to check on her stock. Mitzi put on a pink Hat " Can I keep this pink one?"
" No Mitzi you already have a pink one just like it"
" Oh Ok" says Mitzi

"What about this one ?" asks Mitzi turning to show Nancy the navy and pink one she's found.
" It's very nice " says Nancy.
" No " says Hattie coming round the table " you cannot have all the hats just because they are pink"

Just then Toby arrives with a trolley full of hats.
" Where do you want all these?" he asks the girls.

"What's this?" asks Toby looking at the sweater on the dummy.
" It's a display dummy wearing a sweater dress " Nancy tells him.

Toby throws his hands up in disgust " WHAT even a dummy's wearing autumn clothes and I'm still wearing shorts!"

Hattie pats his shoulder " You know mum will change you into warmer clothes this weekend " she console's " Now if you could just go and get the rest of the hats, then maybe go check with mum about what she's got for you to wear "

Toby goes to get the get pile of hats , while Mitzi eye's up another pink hat she's found.

Mmm she wonders I am sure I have not got one like this !

"Now " says Hattie returning to the table " Let's get sorting , I need  these to sell  tomorrow and if you help me , you can each chose a hat from what I bring back "
Mitzi brighten's up at this, planning to put all the pinks one's at the bottom of the piles and the girl's all start talking at once about where to pile each style, how much to charge, etc.

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