Sunday 17 February 2013


What is Hattie up to?

"Mum does this outfit look ok?"
" Yes Hattie, very nice, I like the boots especially"

 "My new pixie boots, I wanted a poppy red pair as well but the colour that came is not right"
"Never mind  maybe we can keep a look out for some "
"And why is this playpen still full of the babies?"
" They don't want to get out! They love it in there" replies Mum " Where are you going? "
"I'll be back in a min"

Hattie returns in red boots!
"This is the colour I wanted but in the Pixie style "
" I see ..Now where are you going?"

Hattie return's back in the black pixie boots.
" Have you finished wandering off ? are you ready to do your party broadcast? ..Yes Good"

"A very VERY good friend of the Sasha Village recently went through a terrible trauma at the hands of the ICE QUEEN of SUSSEX"

 "When OUR  FRIEND LONELY'S Teddy was finally returned we bought this to send to the Ice Queen as a thank you for the happy ending BUT then that nasty little Lucas was allowed to break OUR LONELY's heart and on Valentine's day ! So..."

" the Ice Queen can buy her own Caramac , we've eaten this one! "

 The babies are loving the taste of the smooth caramac......

" So Brother's and Sister's of the Sasha world I say to you JOIN the BE KIND TO LONELY PARTY OR ELSE..."
" Hattie ! You cannot say or else "
" Why not ?"
" Because it's not nice "
" Neither is the Ice Queen "
" That's beside the point"
"Hattie do not shout! are you going to finish this? "

everyone calms down

"So brother's and sister's of the Sasha world I say to you Join THE BE KIND TO LONELY PARTY and make one lonely little Lonely know that she has friend's out there who love and support her in her trials in T.H.A.T house and maybe one day she can be released and allowed to enjoy life . JOIN TODAY  WARM LONELY'S WORLD AND MELT THE QUEEN!""

To join leave a comment saying you are joining......

If you go to youtube and look for ofmonstersandmen and their new release King and Lionheart ,watch the video and listen, you will see what our Lonely puts up with....

** I put the wrong name it should be ofmonstersandmen and their new song king and lionheart****


  1. :) :) Brillant post Dee! This made me smile!! I am disappointed in Hattie though...she was my top girl of your clan and now she lets me down!
    PLAESE can I still have the CARAMAC know how much I like those and WW's :)

    1. Ooops!I have spelt PLEASE incorrectly...but could I still have the Caramac??? :)

  2. Hattie for Prime Minister, I say! xxx Karin

    1. No Karin No!!!!!! The Country is in enough mess as it is!!!

    2. I would have you know Hattie would come down hard on all Ice Queen's and their offending little nasty imps, one of her first Hattiefesto promise's and the second would be Walnut Whips and Caramac daily allowance free!

  3. Yeaaaah count me in! Can I have some Caramac though please???
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

  4. We, the Sasha and Gregor children of Wales, do solemnly declare our solidarity with other chapters of The Be Kind To Lonely Party in the ongoing struggle to ensure the happiness of all little toddlers -( except the dreadful child Lucas whom we believe to be totally irredeemable and destined to spend much of his childhood in juvenile detention as a result of lack of discipline and of the poor parental example of the Ice Queen.)
    Furthermore, we wish to express our disapproval of the ill treatment of dogs in the form of deprivation of doggie chocs.
    Rhodri (chairboy)
    Emily Rose (chairgirl)
    Timothy (toddler representative)
    on behalf of the S&GC of W

    I have transferred this comment from the other blog to show the solidarity of our Welsh chapter

  5. Ooooh I thought it was the Free Caramac Party....oh well, I'll join anyway....and here is what the Dambuster Dolls want to say in support of poor Lonely!

  6. so glad Hattie has decided to speak out. Was so unhappy about Lonely, nearly cried when her hopes were dashed on Valentine's day - too much to bear. Please count this as a "comment"

    Ronnie in Norfolk

  7. We're in too.
    The only surprise is that Lucas didn't give her a 'horse burger'
    Kendal should have sent her naughty chair but would it have been enough?

  8. I and my 69 (just raced round the rooms and counted them) Sasha Dolls wish to join the 'Be Kind to Lonely Party' and pledge to honour Hattie's first party policy of 'To warm Lonely's World and melt the Ice Queen's Heart.'
    We here all LOVE WWs and Caramacs...but which don't seem to be readily available in these parts so have to make do with Nestle's Milky Way Bars and Kit-Kats.

    Another TRULY OUTSTANDING post Dee and Hattie. A superb way to start our day here gathered together in unison! Are we being sent rosettes and/or badges to wear as well as WWs and Caramac bars? What is our party's chosen colour?

    1. What alovely large increase in membership from our new members in the north, thank you Kendal.

  9. I must say that a few of you are obviously suffering from a lack of chocolate due to your fixation on the meantion of Walnut whips and Caramac's!!!