Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Gill sent me a photo of her girl Harper wearing the dress I gave her for
Christmas that I got from Ginny at a Passion for Sasha.
Great new is that Ginny's booked in to attend the Chat n Snap with her
daughter and they will be having a sales table!!
So better get saving!!

I love the these dresses and Ginny does them in so many lovely colours. This one is Jade a lovely rich colour that really suits Harper.


  1. She looks fab! I agree with you Dee, Ginny's work is extremely good and her prices are very reasonable.Thanks Ginny!!!!

    1. Yes they are , I noticed you have her slaving away for your tots..:)

  2. My Gill that was a very quick answer to my request earlier this morning to see more of your dolls on Dee's blogspot.
    She is a really gorgeous Gotz crude yellow eyed girl and that colour, jade, suits her beautifully.
    I can remember buying the 'Passion for Sasha' clothing way back in the beginning before she changed her ID to Ginny.
    I love the grey brickwork back ground here. Sets off the dolls and their clothing really well.
    Sasha love and thanks to you both. From Kendal.

    1. I must be psychic! I asked Gill yesterday to send me a photo of Harper in the dress for the blog!
      It's great that Gill's not got a blog as I can show off her Sasha's and their clothes as well as my own!!
      The background is the wall in Gill's conversatory.
      Sasha Love Dee x

  3. Cute! I like this simple style on her.
    Hugs Sharon xx