Thursday, 7 February 2013


She had spent so long here in the dark! Face first in a plastic bath, covered in dirt and who knows what but finally after all these years she could hear noise coming from out in the old church hall!
Lots of movement and sounds of sweeping and cleaning , men's voices muffled by the walls, came to her, she started to hope could she finally reach the light once more!

Then a door opened and a faint light reached in but not to where she waited breath held! She heard the men
" It's a bit iffy in there "
" Yes probably full of mice and  spider's"
" Mice " there others voice trembled " Let's leave it for another time"
"Good idea"
the door closed

She tried not to cry , not to give up hope but it was hard ,so hard... after this tiny glimpse of  the world.

A couple of days later once again she heard voices muffled by the walls, this time she just stared down into the dirt and dust in the bath not bothering to listen.
Suddenly the door open again and the faint light spread in nearly reaching where she waited.
A women's voice said " Looks pretty dirty under here!"
" Yes " said the man " We'd best leave it, mice and things probably"
" Why Vicar! Are you scared of a few of god's tiny creatures" Laughing she called to the women " come on ladies let's see what treasure we can find under this stage"

In her bath she trembled barely able to believe as she was picked up and carried out into the light! She was inspected and tutted over and was about to be put into another box , when the man, the vicar, took hold of her " My sister collects doll's that look like her! I'll send her to her and she can make a donation to the funds for the hall"

And so she was packed still covered in dirt and dust and sent off to Wales where the Vicar's sister received an unexpected package from her brother , which upon opening she found a very dirty but very relieved
" Hello " said the woman " what a wonderful surprise, It's nice to meet you Constance but lets get you a bath and maybe a trim of your matted hair.Then you can meet the other's"
Constance breathed a sigh of relief ..she was safe at last !

Good story? Well Constance was found under the stage of the unused ( for many years )  Church hall that the new Vicar decided to see if it was safe to use. The Vicar and the Verger, both men, chickened out of cleaning under the stage , so it was left to the ladies of the parish to clean it out and there face down in a bath , dirty and with matted hair lay a mid 70's Sasha which was sent off to the Vicar's sister.

Who gave her a clean and a trim and loaned her some of her other Sasha's clothes and gave her the name of Constance.She arrived the same day as Marnie arrived here also covered in dirt , so I was told of her arrival.
Now Constance's new mum is a follower of Hattie and so she introduced Constance to this blog and Connie's been getting up to speed in what's been happening while she was left under the stage for so many years.

Here is Connie's photo that she very kindly said I could show , even though she is still very shy, not being used to people yet.

She is a beauty.

Here she is wearing her brother Emry's  sweater and dungarees.

Her new mum offered to donate a fair sum for Connie but they would only accept £15, yes that's correct fifteen pounds.
But the best thing is that Connie no longer waits under the stage in the dark , now she can enjoy the light and her new mum can enjoy it with her.


  1. Wow, what an amazing find and lucky escape for Constance, she is lovely.

  2. How I just love stories with happy endings as this one has.
    Marvellous find! Again I ask the question 'Why does it never happen to me?'
    Constance has cleaned up beautifully and now ready to enjoy life again.

  3. What a pretty girl! I am going to sound dim but is she s true blonde or a strawberry blonde (does she have a reddish tint to her hair?) Wonderful story, she is indeed a little treasure!

  4. Thank you for giving Constance her five minutes of fame, Dee. She is currently wearing her Hattie hat and won't take it off.LOL.
    Hi Ronny, I'm not sure why her hair is the slightly strawberry colour. I wondered if some little angel had given her a Ribena or pink paint rinse as the hall was last used as a playgroup and Sunday school venue in the 80s but it hasn't washed out. Though extremely course feeling before being cleaned up, it is soft and silky now but had been cut short at one side so had to be evened out into a bob. It seems Elvive Pearl shampoo followed by Tesco children's hair detangler work for Sashas. If anybody know why her hair might be this colour, I'd love to know - can't imagine anybody deliberately bothered to dye it all those years ago.

  5. That's a wonderful find and a great story! Also, it just shows how well made these Frido-Trendon dolls really are! Is she really a mid-seventies Sasha? Also, I understand from the experts, that one should use Fairy liquid or other soap based substances to wash Sasha's hair. Shampoo makes the hair stiff, apparently. So many questions! It is very interesting indeed. More please on this subject. xxx karin

  6. Hi Karin (Sorry Dee - don't mean to hijack your blog!)I checked with Shelly and she thinks she's mid 70s.
    I tried the washing up liquid on another doll, but the aloe vera Fairy just wouldn't wash out! I got into a worse mess than I began with - the more I rinsed the more bubbles there were. I tried watered-down shampoo and it worked better, so I use that now. I guess it all depends on what added ingredients there are but both Fairy and shampoo are the same basic starter material - according to my chemist cousin - they are just a simple detergent but the smell, bubble agent etc varies from brand to brand. I use diluted baby/toddler hair detangler spray, very sparingly, on all my man-made doll hair/wigs. It is good at taming frizz a little, just as long as you don't use too much. It is not good for curly wigs though as it tends to leave it less full and straighter than before.

  7. OH WOW!!! Not only a wonderful story but a GORGEOUS girl too, I really love her hair colour, it's so pretty....and she really did scrub up well, didn't she. No wonder her new mum is happy with her.
    Jenni, thanks for the info on the child detangler spray, I might use some on my 1971 Blond Sasha as her hair is so dry on the ends. I've tried everything else and it remains can't get any worse!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx