Friday 22 February 2013


Before Christmas I saw this young girl on Shelly's and I was smitten! I did resist for a while but then like we all do I gave in and asked to have her on layaway due to the rapidly approaching Christmas holiday.

She arrived earlier this week but due to work and fighting off the really bad cold, that both the DH and number two daughter had caught , I have not been able to attend to her until today.

Here she is in her clothes when she arrived.

It would appear she does have a strong character, I was going to call her Ava  but once she'd been washed and dressed , she decided her name was Agnetha and she did not want to wear the blue and white dress I had taken out for her but white trousers and a fleece winter top

 Here she is after her wash and wearing a hat to try and tame her fringe which is a bit wayward!

A closer look at Agnetha behind her fringe.

I have taken off her hat so you can see her more clearly, she does have a sweet face.

She's already asked the DH if he could make her some skis!!! She was not impressed when he said yes he was sure he had a couple of lolly sticks some where!
She may be a sporty type....only time will tell!


  1. I was wondering who her new mother was going to be when I saw that she was finally 'sporting' the sale pending sign but without the price tag.

    She looks extra lovely after her spruce up and tamed fringe.

    Pleased to hear that she has a strong character... so perhaps we might see some friendly 'sparring' between her and Hattie....once she has settled in there.

    I don't blame her preferring to wear these warmer trousers and the fleecy top and rather than a dress in this bitterly cold weather.

    So pleased for you to have another blonde for your 2013 year of monthly blondes.

    PS. Still greatly looking forward (but tinged with envy) to the debut of your next new girl!!!

    1. Thanks Kendal, it would appear that she's one with an opinion! So she will either get on really well with Hattie or..not!

      It keeps trying to snow annoying..I'm ready for the spring! had more than enough of the white stuff and the cold!

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon Dee!! I have missed (?!) your posts about me and Lonely!!! :)

    1. Thank you Ronny, never fear or maybe you I am sure I will be back soon sparring on behalf of the poor toddler Lonely and my good but missing presumed escaped TATE....Tate tate where are you lad......

    2. I sleep with one eye open Dee....:)
      Been down to Tate's bar earlier this week..not very busy in there and Tate was no where to be seen....:)

  3. Wow! Saw her in the email version of your blog last night but the photos are much clearer on Blogger. She is gorgeous. How did I miss seeing her on Shelly's site? I don't have one of these girls in my family YET! Blog reading, especially yours and Kendal's, could be the down fall of our family budget.....what could I sell to fun my Sasha addiction.....?!

    1. Thank you but I blaim Kendal because she does have the most gorgeous Sasha's and clothes that she tempts us with! encouraging us by showing us what we could have if we strive harder and sell everything including the kitchen sink and the DH!!!

  4. Ah, Dee - I'd willingly sell the kitchen sink, just as long as the purchaser takes the next year's supply of dirty dishes with it. Think I'll keep DH - he's the only one I know of with his own Gregor so he's definitely a keeper.