Wednesday 6 February 2013


When Steve kindly sent me the photo of his three No nose's , we had a chat about
him getting another girl and about it being a brunette. I said that I had seen one before Christmas
but was unable to buy her due to lack of funds.

Then almost within a couple of hours Steve's telling me , he's found one on Shelly's and
he is buying her!!

Well I rushed off to look! What a little beauty! But Steve's got her!! So being too late
to make her mine I did the next best thing!...I asked Steve to send me a photo of all four of his
No nose clan when she arrived and as promised here they are!!!

What a lovely group ! I am starting to get into these Sasha's! I only wanted one......but maybe another girl would be nice........well I will have to see which way the wind takes me and my never know!

Thanks Steve for once again letting me put your fabulous Sasha's and Gregor's on my blog to share.

Ps Steve am a tiny bit jealous....Lol


  1. You're not the only one a "bit" jealous. Haha!

  2. It is indeed a lovely photo! I am so glad that Steve was able to keep those two together as I felt very guilty about splitting them up :)

  3. i'm getting a little bit worried here as I've noticed that lately I'm giving these No-nose dolls a longer second look once again, thanks or should that be 'no thanks' to all you No-nose collectors.
    I did succumb to having one in my collection some years ago but she has since been adopted.
    She was a petite little blonde slate eyed girl with a very short cut fringe and, according to one of my nieces who used to visit on a regular basis, had the finest and silkiest hair of all my Sasha dolls.
    She said that it was perfect for plaiting and after each visit I would find braids in her hair varying from the usual standard two braids to one or several minutely thin braids scattered throughout.

    Steve sent me this photo too and I think that his four dolls above are absolutely gorgeous, not sure if I could pick a favourite.
    Very lucky Steve.

  4. Steve is VERY naughty! He has made the little no nose children seem very appealing. And here I am, trying to cut down on my 'I want' list (lets not pretend it is only a wish list - I'm far too greedy for that). I never particularly wanted a no nose - now I want several.....Add to that Shelly showing of a beautiful unisex, another doll I never especially wanted, and others showing those lovely tawny eyed early Gotz dolls and my Sasha family seems destined to get even larger. Thinking of tossing out the other human residents of my home in order to make room and cut down on running cost so that I can afford to adopt more Sashas. I'm not really Sasha addicted am I?

  5. Awwww very cute!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx