Friday 15 February 2013


The babies have been complaining that they cannot see what's going on when they are sitting
in their playpen!

Here they all are chattering away. Well they complained to Hattie! of course Hattie knew who to call
and was soon chatting to her good friends Ken and Doreen,aka K D and yesterday a package arrived for the babies!

a lovely new playpen! and it folds for easy storage...

Here is a photo of how it opens.

and fully opened, there are clips that fix it in place to stop it folding shut on the babies.

"Hello George. Do you like the new play pen? yes good"

It comes with a lovely play mat by Doreen, covered with bright animal's for the babies to discover.
they also sent the babies a present. "Stay there George I'll just go and get it" Mum goes off.

The door is barely closed before George has thrown Nellie in and is climbing in IN? to the playpen! I always thought babies tried climbing out!

Quinn and Minnie have arrived and George encourages them to climb in too!

 What's this? Freddie and Rosie are now chattering away in the playpen with George, Quinn and Minnie.

Oh No! Here comes Elton Ron and Maria , I don't think there's any more room! But Elton Ron wants to get in and he is not stopping!

"Hey!" says Freddie who Elton Ron is about to squash!

 Elton Ron laughs as he falls in amongst the others!

Some how Maria's managed to get in and all the babies are happily chatting away.

Freddie likes this new playpen , he can stand up and see what's happening.What's Quinn, George and the others doing? Oh they are waving a thank you to K D.

Minnie's discovered the little coloured beads and is happily playing.

Mum's back with the present K D sent the babies! "What! How! " sighs Mum "Mmm I may have to ask KD if they do a bigger size if you are ALL going to want to play in it together!"

I would like to Thank Ken and Doreen once again for making this beautiful Playpen and mat. The details are on my info page if you would like to order one for yourselves, it truly is a thing of beauty.Hopefully they'll have time to make you one...I may need to order another bigger size and I'm sure there's something else I need......


  1. What a super play pen. Lovely and sturdy - just as well seeing the babies think it's a climbing frame!

    1. Ooo That's an idea ! A climbing Frame.....wonder what K D will think of that...Lol

  2. No guessing from where this idea came from!!!!!

    Good job that there wasn't a major accident when Elton Jon finally came crashing in!
    All look as though they are having a 'whale of a time'!

    1. I have no idea what you mean Kendal, I was just a coincidence that I saw a photo of an antique playpen you have.. :)

      Elton Ron is a bit of a kamikazee baby! but the other know how to get out of his way!

  3. I agree, although I may save for a bigger one...don't want to have to give up a baby purchase because there's no room.... ;))

  4. Playpen fab! Please ask Ken and Doreen to make a climbing frame....especially toddler sized!!!! :)

    1. But I do not have any toddlers....yet :)
      unless you want poor Lonely to come and stay in the village to learn from Hattie how to deal with pain in the butt brothers and sister..and ICE QUEEN'S :))

  5. This is a fantastic playpen Dee, so beautifully made and such a perfect replica. You might not need a bigger one though because usually when you have a bunch of babies, some will sleep whilst the others play! Do you have a crib?
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Good idea Sharon! K D Can stop cutting up all them pieces of dowel now ! and I can save my pennnies for other things.....:)