Sunday 24 February 2013


with the arrival of Agnetha I now have four no navel's.

Here we have Agnetha and Ashley .

A closer look at the girls. They have the two different eye styles. Agnetha having the half style and Ashley the full.

All four girl's together. From the left Ginny, Agnetha, Ashley and Raven.

Here is a closer shot of them and I can see I have three with blue eyes and one with brown, three with the half style and one with the full.

A full view . I love Raven's Ruth Hartley Scottish dancing outfit.

A nice close up of Ashley and Raven.

 and Agnetha and Ginny. I think Ginny looks the youngest and quite shy.

So four lovely girl's .Some time in the future I would like to add another brunette and possibly a red but only time and funds will tell...oh and also the right one appearing at the right time....


  1. Seems to have become a Gotz No-navel weekend between us both.
    What a pity that I hadn't the time to post details and photos of my third girl, a 1970s brown eyed blonde.

    Your girls look simply delightful and so wonderfully dressed for the occasion. Adore those Ruthsdoll's socks on the Scottish Dancing outfit!

    I agree that Ginny looks the youngest here. The first three have the 'Pixie' style faces like my brunette girl whilst Raven has the plumper face like my blonde.

    Do you know why there were two so different eye styles? Are they linked to the two manufacturing years or where there two eye painting artists on the job?

    I had always assumed that the fuller eye style was done in 1969 and the sketchier in 1970 but Shelly seems to think that they were both done at the same time over the two years and that it is the re-rooting format of the fringes that differentiates between the years.
    Must try to find out more about this.

    Love your world map background. Most inventive as was the London Underground chart!

    1. Yes the no navel's are popular this weekend! I always thought that there were the two eye styles one being for 1969 and the other for 1970 but Ellen church said that the two eye styles cover both years! So I have no idea what year any of mine are unless I was told it when purchased.

    2. Ps the world map is stuck on the back of the board that has the underground map but I forget to change sides. Lol

  2. And then was four....AND THERE IS BOUND TO BE MORE!!!
    Super group of girls Dee! I bet Sarah (VS)has been in her element this weekend with yours and Kendal's blogs!!

    1. First there were three then more came to tea!

      I'm sure there will be at least another two , I would like another brunette and a red head but that will not be for a while.

      I think Sarah's acquired another one herself this year, so they are getting about!,!!!

  3. Lovely bunch of girls, thanks so much for sharing them with us!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx