Sunday 17 February 2013


Gill decided to get her hairdresser daughter Zoe to cut her girl Niamh's hair to tidy it up, she was thinking about putting her on ebay to sell.

Here she is looking very trendy in her Sasha emblem dress.

Side view.

Gill loves Niamh's new hair cut so much that she's been saved from the adoption market ...well for now...

I am in the process of selling a few Sasha's and Gregor's , the why of you which you will find out soon enough, but It is so hard ! Every time I take a photo to put on their adoption details, I think ..Oh she/ he is so lovely do I really want to part with this's so far been listed and then once I went to take his photo, I caved and he is off the adoption list !

But some times you have to be hard as nails like the Ice Queen  :) and send them off knowing that whoever buys them will also love them and be happy to have bought that Sasha/Gregor they've been after for a while , as you will be when you receive your new adoptee !


  1. :) I bet your new girl is the single fringe redhead on Shelly' fact I'll bet you a walnut whip that it is (I liked her too and we have similar tastes in dolls!!)

  2. Gill, I just love Niamh's new trendy hair cut. Gorgeous photo and super outfit too.

    Dee. Unfortunately I know this feeling only too well over my past 17 years of Sasha Doll collecting.

    I hate to have to admit it but quite a few have even made it down to Shelly's for adoption and then I've had to email her a day or so later and ask for them to be sent back home again on her next Post office visit. What a time and money waster is that?

    I'm sure though that it will all be more than worth it in the end (as I already know the secret!) but if not I'm here, ready, willing and able!

    1. I to have sent a doll to Shelly , only to have it sent back! In fact it was Baby Quinn you can still see his photo where he helped Shelly advertise a sled.
      He was even sale pending once and then it cancelled and I caved and had her send him you say a waste of postage money.
      Luckily he thought it was a great adventure and thought it was just a holiday !!

    2. Yes, I know his picture well. A dear little chappie.
      I have one of his sisters (and had his elder brother at one time) who is a little girl with a loose curl hanging down in the middle of her forehead. I was going to enter her into the Dress a Sasha Festival competition as the nursery rhyme...
      'There was a little girl,
      Who had a little curl,
      Right in the middle of her forehead,
      And when she was good,
      She was very, very good,
      But when she was bad,
      She was horrid.'
      ....But didn't think that it would get very far in the prize stakes!

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    4. I'll try again...

      It was seeing your little girl with hanging curl that sold me on him when he came up for sale!

      I think she would have won a prize at the festival ! If only for her hanging curl! I would have voted for

  3. This is a great and trendy haircut, I really like it and I too would find it hard to part with her as she looks so cute.
    I'm also the same with dolls. The number of times I have pulled a For Sale listing because I couldn't go through with it, is unbelievable. But it really is better to find out beforehand than to sell it and then realise what a bad mistake you've made. I've had more than one occasion when I've been sobbing my eyes out whilst packing up a sold doll for it's journey to it's new home!!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    1. It's nice to know we are all the same :)