Monday 7 September 2015


Well it appears my love for the 1968 Sasha's and Gregor's is coming to fruition! Way back when I bought my first one ,which was Belle ( Belinda) who I won off Ebay  totally by surprise, expecting to be out bid at the very last second as usually happens on the rarer dolls.

It was receiving her and seeing just how beautiful these Sasha's made in the year 1968 are, with their hand painted eyes, which make them stand out from even the 1969 dolls, set me off on a love of this year of Sasha production.

So now with the arrival of Babette , I have three blonde 1968 dolls. Bell, Erik and Babette.

All in blue which I have to say was unplanned !


 and with the arrival of Ragnor and Meredith I have three brunette 1968 dolls.Jenny, Ragnor and

Another trio, I really must find Meredith's fringe!

 But only one red haired 1968 doll. Robin. But what a one to have with his handsome face and Np eyes.

So poor Robin is  all alone, he need's two red haired sisters to stand either side of him! But unless I can find them for a song, he is likely to remain the only 68 red in the family.

So here they are The Magnificent Seven and no one could be more surprised than me that they have increased by three this year alone!

Now I must just go check all the corners of the internet just encase a 68 red girl is sitting miss named and about to finish at a bargain price...... QUICK DUCK!   that was close ! Those flying pig's are a menace ! ;)

But I have learned never to say never......



  1. Really enjoying these 'year group' photos. Rather like the annual school class photos!
    Personally I hadn't ever thought of this side of my collecting when buying my I only buy the dolls that I fall in love with the look of when I see them.....(but that's dependent on the available funds of course! )

    Poor Robin, all alone there BUT I have the solution for the time being.....he can come to live here as I have two red haired single fringe girls (although one has no fringe as she was re-rooted when that machine had broken down and she was missed out being cut by hand.)

    SO guessing that your problem is solved and we look forward to his arrival here very shortly....especially as he is one of my favourite of all your dolls!

    1. A Class photo! I had not thought of it that way but it's a good idea:) I too only buy the dolls I fall in love with , I just happen to have foud a few 68's along the way which is the added bonus!
      Poor Robin indeed! A very nice try Kendal I give you top marks for effort but Robin loves being the only red haired 68 child and having TWO sisters suddenly appear may be just too much for the poor child to handle! So it's best he stay here and hope any others turn up one at a time so he can get used to having some competition :)x

  2. What a lovely bunch of 68ers you have there Dee, I love Robin, I fell in love with him when he first arrived on your blog and was sitting there in his green jumper and had damp hair....aww bless him, he's soooo sweet!
    I love the 69ers as well though, I like those two years best but have seen others from other years that I like a lot too. Actually, I quite like up to 71!! I've seen some from that year that I really fell for too.....maybe I just like them all?

    1. I do appear to have acquired a bunch :) Robin is very lovable and such a nice boy. I too love the 69ers and also quite a few of the others! lol The early's have the edge but then so do my waifs and strays :) xxx

  3. It was a really good year! 1968 Sasha's are almost always gorgeous. :-)

    (There's one up on evil-bay right now that looks old. She's got those little pin-prick pupils. Also looks *unbelievably* grimy, and her outfit is beyond salvaging, but it will be interesting to see if she shows up on someone's blog.)

    1. I have to agree :) You tease Tiger Anne :) but best not to know where in case I am tempted and I really cannot be :)

  4. A fabulous post Dee! I love each every one of your 1968 children! I agree that 1968 is one of the best years for Trendon Sashas. Their eye painting is so beautiful and when you are lucky enough to adopt a wide faced doll too, then it is just the very best of Sashas!

    Robin is my long time favorite too and though he looks a little lonely in the "one only photo", he has the confidence to go it alone for a while. I really enjoyed seeing your lovely 68 family and their beautiful outfits too. :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger. The 1968 do have a certain edge to them :) Robin is quiet but determined and not afraid to be a one and only ;) but I am sure should I ever fall over a 68 red haired sister for him, he'd deal okay with it! :)xx

  5. I too love all your dolls from 1968. I've been green eyed for Belle for a long time, and didn't you say Robin was advertised as a crissy doll? I'm after a brunette 1968 and am saving my pennies, but the piggy bank's nowhere near full enough yet!

    1. Thanks Viv. Yes Belle is a gorgeous girl and yes Robin was miss advertised as a Cissy doll !
      Keep saving and keep looking, you never know when you may trip over and discover one ! just waiting for you at a good price :)