Monday 21 September 2015


that is the question... I have been asking myself this for the last month as I sort through the boxes and bags of wool/ yarn I appear to have... everywhere !

Let's start with how many knitting bags does one person need? in my case it would appear three! I would not mind except I have been taking my latest project to and from work in a plastic bag! While these have sat about just filled with.....

inside the bags... wool/yarn...

bag one..contents...

lots of needles and buttons and scraps of wool! Why have I not just dumped those scraps in the bin??? Two little spoons I bought for the Sasha's about three years back!! A tape measure , something I am always looking for!

For some reason I missed taking photo of bag two  but it was pretty much along the same lines!

Then we come to a heavy duty shopping bag... the contents are shown below

Yes a finished but not sewn up Sasha sweater, some clothing for a baby Sasha and yes , you are not imagining it ! that is the head of a Sasha! So I know this bag's from last September! I took that head away with me on holiday along with  the head of a No navel red and spent the week I was away re rooting the no navel in the evening and this girl got started but then came to a halt! mind you she does not have a body, so she's not exactly in a hurry!

Her head is now sitting on a shelf , so she'll not get forgotten again!!

then back to knitting bag number three!

Yet more wool and half started sweaters for a Sasha/ Gregor.

So I spent time sorting out these bags and deciding which balls to keep and which needed to be sold on.

I put a few ball of similar weight, 4ply  or sock wool etc together ,

Double knit etc

and listed quite a few different bundles on ebay and I am pleased to say it's been selling well. It's also listed on my sales page.

In fact in this last month I have sold to date 90 , yes  90 !  balls of yarn !

I can hear you all saying , well that must have helped reduce her stash down to about one box!

If only that were so... but the life of a wool a holic is filled with wondrous balls of colour and texture!

These are the boxes of ball that at present are staying.... I say at present as I am hoping to be harder and reduce these even further!

This is my box of cotton, it's quite small compered to the wool boxes but is also full! But I will start using this for hats etc soon.

Now my aim I have decided is to get down to just one box of wool/yarn by the last day of this year..... can it be done.... we'll see...

Now on to my next love FABRIC...... if you read yesterday's post you will know I found yet another box of fabric, this one is at least ten years old I think!

Well I got the larger pieces out and hung them on the line to air...

Seeing it hanging on the line I remember I purchased most of it to make a quilt that would match in with my bedroom colours in my last house.

some large squares already cut out.

So what to do ? These colours will no longer go with my new bedroom, so should I try and sell these half metre's on ebay? or keep it all and try to get round to actually making the quilt? But let's bare in mind that I already have two other quilts waiting to be continued.....
This is another decision that I need to make before the end of the year!

 I am beginning to think I should have owned a fabric and wool shop, that way I could have been surrounded by the wonderful fabrics and yarns without having loads of it sitting waiting in the house to be used.......

Well the quest to down size my hoards continues......



  1. LOL I must admit I laughed out loud when I heard that despite those three nice knitting bags, you've been using a plastic carrier bag for transporting your latest project to work! That is what I'd be doing, or go and buy yet another bag to carry it without thinking that maybe I should clear out an existing one and use that!
    As for the balls of wool, you know that pattern we spoke of recently for the LDs, would any of those balls be suitable for that? Because I still have no idea what to ask for if I go to a wool shop here, as I don't think they go by 'ply' or whatever!!!!! Having said that, maybe I'll find something when I come to the UK and visit Hobbycraft. I don't know how much to buy or anything, you will have to advise me on that!
    As for the fabric, I'd say unless any of it can be used for dolls clothes, you might as well let it go if you already have two other quilts to finish and it won't go with your bedroom!
    (Says she who hoards everything herself too!)

    1. Glad to hear it's not just me! with the bags! :)
      I'll help you with the wool for that outfit, I must down load the pattern and start one off! Just cannot do anything until after the CnS!
      I think you may be right about the fabric having to go as much as I love it! I really do not need any more projects to be waiting round with all the rest!:) xxx

  2. After seeing today's post I'm wondering if I should be counting my blessings that I can no longer knit or sew if this is the stock of material and wool that one has to buy and store for these now living in a small retirement bungalow I doubt if there would even be enough room for me and my 66 Sasha Dolls to live as well!

    Continued support for you with this Sasha sorting, tidying and organising from all of us here.

    1. Kendal if you had half the wool and fabric I have you'd not be able to get into your bungalow! So I am hoping to reduce lots of it and get my crafting self in some reasonable order!
      many thanks for the support it does help! :)x

  3. I wish you well on the sorting Dee. Since I am not skilled in sewing or knitting or quilting, this is one area that I do not collect though I do collect the finished goods that take up a lot of space! A great post! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger. It's just as well you don't fall into the fabric wool trap although buying the finished projects can be just as addictive! :)xxx