Sunday 27 September 2015


Well ok not Audrey but Ginny!

Ginny's seen some photo's on the internet of a lady called Audrey and she thinks she's lovely and very stylish, so wants to be just like her.

She even asked if she could have her hair cut into a very short pixie style! I explained that if she did that she's not be our Ginny any more !
Ginny thought about that for a while and then she'd like to still be our Ginny but with Audrey's style...

So I suggested a photo shoot and Ginny agreed!Normally she's very shy and only like to be in photo's with her sisters or brothers.

"Take some without the hat Mum !" says Ginny


"Where did you find the hat Ginny? "
"It's the one you bought off Auntie Brenda at the Chat n Snap last year "

" I cannot see your face!" I say when Ginny pulls the hat down at the front.

"That's better " I say when she moves it back.

We change places in the garden


Another new place ! " Make sure you get Dad's new plant in !" Ginny tells me.

"Look Mum ! The sundial's wearing my hat!" she giggles.

"Well Ginny, you have been very good , what would you like as a treat ? "
She thinks for a while.. " Maybe a black short wig? " she says hopefully
" I was thinking more along the lines of a glass of milk and a penguin biscuit ! "
Ginny smiles shyly " Well I'd like that too"
Smiling we go indoors in search of some milk and biscuits...


Hope you enjoyed this change to the Sunday catch up, I am now having to start doing things for the coming Chat n Snap, so the Sunday Catch will have to go o hold for  a while!


  1. Hi Ginny, you are so lovely with your beautiful, long red hair, i really like your straw hat and your outfit which are perfect to wear in your pretty garden.

    I think I might know who Audrey is that you are wanting to look like and I think your Idea is a good one to try out the color and style with a wig instead of cutting your lovely locks. That way you can have two very different looks. I hope your milk and biscuits were yummy. You look so pretty on that sundial. Hugs, Auntie Ginger xxx

  2. Hi Ginny I love your new look. I think you look most like Audrey with your hat pulled down over your eyes!
    Did you know there's a French actress called Audrey who has hair just like yours although she has lots and lots of freckles.
    I hope yet enjoyed your biscuit - Yum

  3. Ginny is such a sweetie, and looks lovely with her new chosen style!
    I like her hat too, suits her to a 'T'!
    The garden looks great too Dee, perfect for these photos.

  4. I love the way your girls develop their own sense of style! Is Ginny about to take on a new surname, as another famous red haired girl at The Sasha Village does?
    Ginny looks great. She's a favourite no navel of mine - thse big eyes are fab.

  5. Unfortunately I was a bit slow here in connecting your post to this famous film star until I noticed yesterday that I had recorded the TV film of 'The Life of Audrey' but hadn't as yet had the time to watch it until last night
    I'm thinking that your Sasha girls (and the one lad!) are definitely far more famous fashion concious than mine are here. Even my 60s girls don't seem to remember much about my teenage year fashions.

    I'm so glad that Ginny took the advice and didn't cut and re-colour her hair on Audrey's lines. Her flowing auburn hair is her 'crowning glory' as the expression goes!

    Cleverly thought out 'postal' idea and love the photoshoot venue with her various different positions.