Tuesday 15 September 2015


Well no competition this month, just some photo's shared by some of the followers of this Sasha blog.
Enjoy !

Fall outing

Well wrapped !

What's in my basket?



Looking for a champion !

Home grown harvest of new potato's

Picking the beans

 Enough for dinner ! Well at least for me!

Autumn view

Out and about

Can I join you ?

Whose that ?

Amongst the late blooms


Many thanks to all those who sent in some wonderful autumn photo's. Such a nice variety of themes and also colours.

I hope you all enjoy this change which allows for a few photo's from each person sending them in.



  1. So glad no voting! As usual wonderful photos Thank you to all the people who sent them.

  2. These autumnal pictures and stunning outfits are so good to look at.

  3. Some great photos - and love the conkers

  4. Some super ideas shown here within the Autumn theme, from the colours of the clothing and changing environment and weather to the September harvesting and the outdoor activities..
    An interesting post. for all to have joined in.Thanks Denise,

  5. I really enjoyed the Fall photos and thank you Dee for sharing them all with us. All of them are just lovely. :) xxx

  6. Love the line up of prams in the first picture. Is that Lonely with the basket of autumnal vegetables? And is that one of Kendal's brood picking the broad beans?

  7. Great selection of photos - like a harvest festival.
    Yes that's Lonely, I think she was surprised to find she had some helpers in her basket!