Friday 25 September 2015


Well I for one cannot quite believe that October's just round the corner and galloping towards me!
I worked out that in 29 days it will be The Chat n Snap ! Lovely that it will finally be here and so nice to be meeting new people, seeing old friends and trying to decide what to spend my money on!

Of course my display should be nearing the end of construction , so that I do not need to burn the midnight oil and leave my house looking like it's been burgled by a pack of monkeys on speed!

But so far it's all in my mind..... but it will be fine.. I have twenty eight days ( must finish early) to get it sorted.......

I have been receiving some beautiful raffle prizes and cannot wait to see it all displayed for everyone to see and enjoy.

The latest arrivals can be seen on the Chat n Snap blog, I have more to add and I apologise to those who have sent something that's yet to appear!

A sneaky peek at one of the prizes yet to be shown ..

The wonderful talented designers and craftspeople out there have been very generous to our charity raffle.

Last week I redressed a couple of my girls in some outfits I had bought with my birthday money back in July!

They are dressed in Ruth dolls pleated skirts and blouse sets.

I do have another set which is on one of my other girl's but she's upstairs so missed joining the group photo.

Sansa's is the only one wearing a Karen Warnaka swiss jacket because she went out visiting but now the days are getting cooler I'll have to find the others some, just hope I have a matching colour!.

So we have Winter, Sansa and Martha all redressed ,so a few more to go!

With the chat n snap coming up , I must make a list of things the girls/boys or babies need and stick to it!! Yeah right! I make even myself laugh with that statement... :)



  1. I haven't contributed to the raffle yet, will have to see what I can do. I won't have much on my table this year as have been hectic at work and the voluntary project and getting elder Dmd off to University for the first time, so will have more time to browse other tables with only a few items to sell.

  2. Like Dollmum, my contribution is still on the ;'to-do-list' but luckily (since you point out that there is only 28 days left) now nearing the top position.
    My alloted Sasha time seems to either be drastically reducing itself or the time is flying by even faster.

    Is this attractive style of outfit above going to be ONE of your girls 2015 Autumn on-trends then? (Have you therefore a small collection of the Warnaka jackets already in stock or are you hoping to buy more in?)

    Liking the 'safe key' keeping idea on Sharon's 'CnS charity' outfit.

  3. How exciting Dee! That sneak peek at the safe key is so nice. Your Winter, Sansa and Martha look fabulous in their new outfits. I love the pretty colors of the pleated skirts, the sweet blouses, the perfectly matched shoes and Karen's jacket is a beautiful addition. I look forward to seeing any future jackets that might be coming you way plus that other outfit you mentioned that was upstairs. :)

    Trendon is packed and mailed so he is on his way to you. He is so excited about meeting the other boys in the Trendon Club. A lot of fun they are sure to have at your CnS!! :) xxx