Sunday, 6 September 2015


Well this Sunday's catch up is slightly different . I thought after Kendal's comment on Babette's arrival We could catch up on all the new arrivals in the Village this year. So you'd best get your favourite drink and maybe a little treat and read on....

At the beginning of the year Ronny had set a challenge that we pick a number of Sasha's that we could not buy more than or we would have to donate money to charity if we exceeded that number stated.. well thinking I would not buy more than about four I chose Ten as my unreachable little I knew....

So going right back to February the first of what turned out to be a stream of newbies arrived...

First in was Samuel Although he was not alone, having arrived with his Twin brother Sebastian, who due to being a gift / permanent lodger does not get to appear in this post until near the end.I think Samuel must have blinked when I took the photo as you cannot see his eyes!

So a closer look at Sam a handsome little chap.

If you can stand here by the Radio Sam, Thank you, are you blinking again?

Well Samuel and his twin Sebastian were not the only arrivals in February because Darcy arrived that month to!

Being a No Navel , my favourite of the Gotz and a Red head, well there was no chance of me not accepting when she was offered to me, so Darcy arrived.

A closer look at her beautiful face .

So in February I was already two into my limit of ten.

Then along came Meredith , a 1968 single (hidden ) fringe girl well how could I just pass her by?

Meredith is one of the quieter Sasha's in the village .

Her arrival in March put my total at three.

 But winging their way in by the  end of the month came the twin button noses , Olivia ( Livy ) and Oliver ( Ollie)

They had been sorely neglected , so what was a person to do but offered them sanctuary and a bath!

Okay! So it's March and there are Five newbies in the Village, not a problem , it will all go quiet now.
And so it did....

 Well apart from Anoushka who arrived In April having used her powers of Sasha persuasion on me !

Anoushka is quite a stubborn little Miss who loves to dance.

So by April I'd hit six ! Fine no problem so a couple of buses had arrived together , it will all go quiet just wait and see!

Then along came a girl I could just not pass by..

Millie ! Who just moved herself into the village no fuss no drama and just gets on with everyone.

The lovely Millie who just loves bright clothes including Or...ora... orange...( strange child )

It's now May and the totals seven... no problem... seven...

But hold on Millie was not number seven that was ..... Mabel Lucie...

 I made the mistake of just having a quick look on Shelly's only to come across a darling quiet little waif who stole my heart!

So Mabel Lucie arrived quietly and settled in perfectly with her new brothers and sisters, so quiet is she that she's out of place in the newbie lineup!

Okay Millie you move back and Mabel Lucie you stand behind Anoushka and that right  Millie you snuggle up to her.
So the fifth month and the eighth need to be careful... still have seven more months to go and only two newbie spaces left....

June was a quiet calm no newbie month, so  I dropped my guard and.....

and Liss dangled this gorgeous red haired Button nosed darling before my eyes ! I was in love and in a hurry to secure her for my own! A few panic ed emails and she was mine! Nine who cares about nine I HAD to have her! So Magda arrived in time to be my birthday Sasha on the 1st of July

what's not to love about her bossy little moosh! and bossy she is ! Almost on a par with her sister Anoushka who can be on the dramatic moody side!

She's been carrying this little wooden sign round ever since it arrived on a parcel from Frances T and she waves it at me when she says I am being unreasonable!

So NINE little newbies standing in a line! Oh my goodness are they all mine!

 Well I challenge everyone to agree that when I saw this lad here that I could not just let him slip by without inviting him to come live in the Village ? Ragnor Wolfbane , a viking 1st class and a Np eyed Gregor to boot !,just had to come live with his Viking brother Erik and Robin in the village.

Look at that face! Tell me you could have just turned him away..... I thought not... so really I cannot be held responsible for his arrival in the village and making the total TEN by the end of July.

So Ten by July... in one way not good for my agreed total but in another way  MARVELLOUS !! :)

But even then I knew I was going to break the total as sitting on Shelly's was another little darling who'd been watching and waiting and tapping her foot while I added Ragnor and a couple of other's while she languished ...

So Babette's arrived to put the cat squarely amongst the pigeons! and taken me over and into charity donation land! But she is worth it ! So say I....

I forgot to take a close up, so am using yesterdays one! Look at that face ! I could not say no to her..she waited so long for me to become her new mum !

So ELEVEN and it's only September...there is another three months to go after this one ! Will I make it without having to pay another donation to Charity? The Chat n Snaps coming up...  sometimes people bring dolls to sell!! But that's fine I never have enough money for a doll.....

Then again eleven is an uneven number.... but if we count Sebastian we'd sort of have twelve and I do like the sound of a Bakers Dozen.... 13...... but then that's uneven.. and I do like things to be even....

Sebastian's joined to even up the numbers and because he arrived this year with his twin.

so the total so far runs as this....

ONE              Waif

ONE            No Navel

THREE       Black Trendon's

THREE        1968 Trendon's


FOUR        Gotz's Button ( No ) Noses

Well even I cannot believe what I have managed to acquire so far this year and I have a feeling that it's probably no quite over yet.....



  1. Slipperly slope - they appeal to you and it is very hard to resist and if the cash is available it is impossible to resist. I wonder if it will be 14 by end of December (to keep things even and make sure you have all 3 sisters).

    1. It is a very slippery slope, I have sold on a few to pay for some of the newcomers which helps and believe it or not I am getting much better at resisting! lol or there would be a few more !
      I am certain funds won't allow for three more additions by the end of the year plus I can only buy what calls to me and then they need to be available... so I am feeling quite safe..... :)

  2. I have to admire YOUR HONESTY here Denise! It was great to see them 're-introduced' and lined up in order of adoption! So many thanks for this.
    (I'll not add in Sebastian's twin in the final numbers as he is, as you say, 'on loan/fostered' to be played with and blog photographed along with his twin brother.)

    PS.IF you decide that you want to reduce them to back to your alloted allowed TEN then I'm only too willing to adopt Ragnor Wolfbane (1st choice) or Meredith (2nd choice) or Mabel Lucie (3rd choice.)

    PPS. Looking forward to seeing the NEW September, November and December intakes !!!

    1. Kendal I pride myself on my honesty, which is why I cannot abide liars ! :) I am glad you have not included Sebastian , even if he is a lovely lad and very welcome, that helps keep the numbers down.... ;)
      I'm afraid Ragnor and Meredith and even Mable Lucie are not going anyway at present :)
      Kendal I cannot possibly get three more dolls by the end of the year unless I find them in a Charity shop for a snip! Although I fear that Babette's twin may be looming on the horizon.....

  3. Hello Kendal! She's so open and honest about hr Sasha greed, isn't she? Now, I'd be able to be just as honest about my greed if I had a better memory...
    ....erm...hands up all those Sashas who moved in heresince January 1st, please. Yes, yes, in ths instance Sasha alcso includes Gregors and babies......come on! I'm sure it was more than your five....wasn't it?
    DEEEEEEEE!!!!! How many kids have I adopted this year????? Can't work it out. J xxx

    1. Excuse me Mrs! Not greed, but mothering instinct ! Is it my fault that the mother in me cannot allow a Sasha to languish un adopted on Shelly's or Ebay or where ever I come across that more unfortunate child?
      And another thing Mrs G , I do believe that if you were to go and do a head count you would find that the newbies on that farm you have in Wales number well into DOUBLE figures... I remember a car load at one point........ :) xxxx

    2. I'm at least as bad as you, Dee! Not only do I adopt - I keep! I am terrible at selling on, they always look so forlorn lying in the box and I clearly hear them askng why I no longer love them. Oh yes, I speak vinyl and hear and understand everything they think in their hollow little heads.
      Since you have done 'here is the dollz wot I got in 2015' and Kendal has done 'here is the dollz wot I wish I'd still got,' I might have to do a post on 'here is the dollz wot I've got and won''t never let be not got.' Trouble is, there are rather a lot of them......

    3. It would be lovely for us to see and admire that post from you.... if you feel up to it.

    4. I think you should introduce each one of your Sasha's etc a week starting with the one's who have lived with you the longest, that should take you a couple of years at least! :)xx

    5. many years have you got, Dee?.......It's the etc that worries me My Sashas do not live alone.....
      But, OK I'll aim for at least one a week, if nobody minds the less than wonderful standard of my photographs, especially when the weather is wet and we have to take the pics in our somewhay dark little house. These places were built more with the desire to keep cold out than to allow light in.

    6. I have as long as it takes Jen :) You do realised that while the weathers bright you could take a couple of dozen dolls outside take all the photo's then just post a doll a week and it will be Christmas before you need to worry about getting indoor shots!
      When I took the photo's for this post I also took the ones for tomorrow... just an idea ;)

  4. A nice summary post of this year's adoptions and they are all wonderful---all eleven! I cannot pick a favorite,each one is very special.. I hope number twelve finds you soon. Thank you for a great post! :) xxx

    1. It is nice to see them all together , even if I cannot quite believe how many have arrived in so short a time! But Sasha's in this house seem to be like that, all or nothing!! :) I hate ( not ) to say it but I think number twelve's found me and is reeling me in...... :)xx

  5. What good taste you have and with Christmas just around the corner, I have an inkling (can't imagine why!) that more will be appearing on the 2015 family album.

    1. Thank you Viv :) That's true Christmas is not that far away.... maybe I should look for a Sasha that I really want for Christmas because that's guaranteed to ensure I don' t find one I really want! :)

  6. Another stunning collection!! This time the newcomers! Beautiful, just beautiful! Babs is a little beauty!! Love the line up, all seasonally dressed. Nice to see them all together.

    1. Thank you Carol. I am stunned myself by whose arrived this year! And darling Bab's is just wonderful even if she now needs her twin ;) x

  7. Phew, what a lovely lot! They're all gorgeous which I suppose is why you brought them home, so we will forgive you!
    Well you've done a list, Kendal's done something similar, and now Jenni has promised to tell us about all hers....I guess I should come clean about mine really, shouldn't I? Although maybe no-one will be interested as mine aren't all Sashas, so maybe I don' thave to come clean? ah, just a thought!

    1. Exactly Sharon, how could I say no to so much loveliness ! :) That's for the forgiveness :)
      Yes I think you should also join the doll a week club especially as you also have such a wide and varied collection and yes I think you should start with a line up of all this years dolls to date whether Sasha or others.... :) xxxx

  8. What a gorgeous group of new additions! Such fun to see them all lined up together!

    1. Thanks, I think they are no a bad looking bunch :)