Friday 18 September 2015


Today we went out to visit a garden nursery in Norfolk called Urban Jungle, it was full of wonderful plants. There was also a dog called Lunar who greeted us when we parked and then went and found a cone and dropped it at Paul's feet being dog owners we knew what he wanted, so Paul obliged and threw the cone which he retrieved then dropped at Paul's feet again, so Paul threw it again.... until we got to a gate which said Lunar who bring a cone for people to throw, so would people please NOT throw the cone because they were trying to break him of the habit!

Lunar was not impressed when we stopped throwing the cone!

Well a purchase or two was made and a lovely lunch was eaten in their greenhouse jungle cafe and then we moved on to East Ruston old Vicarage our place on the coast!! :)

We were soon parked and wandering around the garden enjoying the lovely afternoon sunshine.

Loved seeing these enormous Brugmansia's.

Sansa had joined us on our trip.

The planting at the Vicarage is big and plentiful.

A feast for the eyes and food for the soul.

Gorgeous sunshine making our visit perfect.

In a corner of the Walled garden is a lovely little room.

A beautiful Fuchsia sits in a lovely old clay pot.

A certain young lady was enjoying a rest at the driftwood table.

She wondered if Paul or I would just pop back round to the tea rooms and bring her a piece of cake!

This wonderful plant was climbing up the wall outside the room.

Despite not getting her piece of cake Sansa followed us from beautiful room to beautiful room around the garden.

Amongst the Fuchsia's

It was a long walk for little legs from the house to...

the summer house..

I did suggest that this would make a great Sasha house in the garden! He did not say yes but then he did not say no.....

Inside Sansa found herself a small chair to rest in.

 further on we came to the fountain garden

Sansa loved being up high and looking down at all the plants.

 Lots of great plants in this garden area

Sansa stood on the side of the pond.

Then on a post at the side.

She refused to stand on the fountain pond or she'd get wet!

After we'd had afternoon tea and cake we left to head home.

Sansa complained about the flowers growing over the doorstep ! Saying there was soft planting and there was causing an accident! Children!

We'd had a lovely day, so I offered to drive the car home.......


There are more photo's of this beautiful garden on our garden blog, click on side bar to view.
But not til later today...


  1. What a fantastic garden! Sometimes, I have dreams of turning our 6 acres into a beautiful garden but what of the donks, sheep and birds? Anyway, the half acre is enough work and more at the moment.

    Lovely to see Sansa out and about and you look fab too, but shouldn't the chauffeur come round and open the door for you? The man is very remiss, surely that's a sacking offence?! And where is Sir Paul, shouldn't that serving man have made sure his mastr was also comfortably seated in the back?

    1. It is one of the best I have evr visited and I have visited quite a few! Oh to have six acres! We'd definitely turn it into a garden! lol mind you I'd never see Paul ! I'd have to phone him to tell him his got a Cuppa waiting!

      We left the chauffeur at home, did not want to stand out don't ya know!! ;) Sansa was a little darling standing patiently while I took her photo here there and everywhere! xxx

  2. LOVED it (especially the LAST photo of you and the 'Rolla!')

    What beautifully laid out and 'manicured' rooms there were. Fantastic driftwood patio table and was most impressed with the 'soft' planting around that doorway. Now wondering if I could increase the planting around MY front door although it would have to involve more planters than the two chimney pots already there, as the doorstep is basically surrounded by a tarmac drive.

    Recognised the yellow Brugmansias before I had read the description underneath. (See how much I am learning about plants from your blogs!) Like the way that they have trained them to grow over that woorden bench.

    Sweet little wooden chairs. Would have loved to have bought one of those.

    Noticed that there was no photos of the luncheon or afternoon tea shown!

    Very 'sharp/crisp' and dramatically designed entrance to the Summer House.

    Sansa, the star and our guide of the show, was perfectly dressed for the special Autumnal days outing in her Ruthsdoll's outfit and Karen Warnaka jacket.

    1. I knew you'd like that last photo ! :))

      It is one of the best gardens to visit, they only open on certain days of the week and only for the afternoon but well worth the effort of traveling all that way.

      So many things to see there and so much inspiration for once you get home! I was wondering if they'd let us have a piece of the recreation ground at the bottom of the garden, Paul reckons they'd not agree! Shame... :)
      I asked Paul where he thought we'd be able to keep our Brugmansias if they got that big! ( was impressed on your knowledge there Kendal :) ) and he said that , we'd cut them back each winter , so it could be possible for ours to get a decent size!!

      Sansa was the perfect companion standing patiently while I took her photo and not once falling into a flower bed, a true little star ! xx

  3. Looks like you had a lovely day out Dee, the gardens are beautiful and so is Sansa, looking prefect for a day out in her red jacket and tartan skirt.
    I agree, the Roller is really YOU! Especially with the big hat, you look like you were born to it ;)
    Big hugs SHaron xxx

    1. We did Sharon :) Sansa was in a great outfit to stand out amongst the planting!
      Glad you agree that I'm a Roller type of girl! :)) The hat does help! lol
      hugs Dee xx

  4. A beautiful post Dee! What amazing gardens and what a pleasure it is to see the different areas with such lush plantings. Beautiful! Your Sansa looks stunning in that gorgeous red color! Her hair is so nice and full, so very pretty! My favorite photo is the last one of you and I have to say that you look very much much at home by that handsome car! Why not take it out for a spin? ;) xxx