Sunday 13 September 2015


Well this weeks been hectic! Having just started my two weeks of annual leave and not having booked to go away this week, I continued with clearing out the space for Lindsey in the Sasha room and also just getting my Sasha things sorted.

This led to me seeing just how much stuff I have and just how much room it's taking up, then one thing led to another and a massive clearout's begun!

Nothing is safe from the cull ! Two Sasha's have already been sold with two more sitting on my sales page plus ebay and another just waiting to be sorted out!

Three other non Sasha dolls are being sold , one already gone to a new home and the other two waiting for adoption.

My wool sales are still going , slowly , but surely and I have also started to sort through the clothes I have not used for ages or I felt able to part with! Those sales have been rapid which is good , stopped me from changing my mind!

Yet more clothes are going to be listed on sales page, Sasha Bazaar or ebay over today ( Sunday ), then I will take a break as I have been spending ages on computer answering inquiries for items and then removing listings or putting sold against them. Then packing up and posting them off, so Since I have other things to do, I'll be keep track over Sunday then just checking back in the late evening.

Well also if you remember two Sunday's back we added five more fish to the pond to keep the one big one left, after the Heron's visit, company. We were delighted to see a day or so later that another of the big fish had survived the Heron's visit, so we now had two big and five small fish.........

That was until Paul opened the curtains again to find the King of the Heron's sitting at  the pond side!
Only one confused little goldfish appeared in the following days... so the Heron had obviously thought what lovely people who own that cafe ! They kindly got in some small fish starter and there was still two nicely juicy big fish for dinner....

So this week we had to decide what to do! Paul had found some small metal grill which he'd put over the pond to save the last gold fish from becoming an early morning snack ! But should we give up on our pond ,which had been there and uncovered for a good eight years or give it another chance.

We decided to go and get some more fish to restock and landed up coming back with ten assorted cold water fish to keep the lone survivor company. Well once again we were happy to find that one of the big fish was still about, it was a black and gold one that can be hard to spot which is what probably saved him , I am still hoping that the white and gold one is still about just in shock and not showing it's self.. but I think it's now a very faint hope.

As if that was not enough , I am standing by the pond looking at the water trying to see the white /gold fish when I spot something almost as unwelcome sitting as if he's got every right !on the side of the pond under the shade of a leave a FROG!! Now me and FROGS do not mix !
Mumbling oh my god, I walked  to find Paul and show him the intruder ! Paul tries to catch him but into the pond he jumps !
So with the grill going on Paul leaves a gap so that he can get out and leave! The next day I ask Paul if the frog got out and left, he's reply is he saw him just that morning with his suit case!
My answer was  , it was probably a relative moving in!!!

So there we are standing by the pond discussing this frog, who is sitting on the other side of the pond when I look into the pond and see another frog's head hiding in the greenery! So now there are TWO FROGS in the pond !
Those amongst you who like frogs will think, leave them alone but we have cats! and if you have ever heard a frog scream when a cats got it, you'd want to make sure none were around for them to find either! It is a terrible noise , loud and like a person screaming.... terrible.

Then Saturday I am down the end of the garden with Paul discussing the redesign of the raised bed when I move an Iris leaf to see something leap along the undergrowth !! A Toad! Is nowhere safe !!!

I just hope I am never home alone with a frog in the house garden sitting at the gate and a Toad in the raised garden sitting on the Cloisters because the sight of a woman trying to climb up and over a six foot fence panel would not be  pretty ! Especially the heap landing in the neighbour's garden !

Just joking! Although I don't want them in the garden because of the cats, I am fine with them.

It's not all been selling things this week, I have bought one or two items.

I could not resist this jacket and hat set by Hagnolly that someone else was clearing out.

I bought some jackets from Michelle for Lucas and some of the babies. Now it's starting to get cold they'll need changing into warmer clothes.

Plus when I saw this in Hobby Craft , while I was buying boxes for storage, I could not resist it. I think it looks like one of those children's toy storage units kept in a playroom or bedroom.

Agnes shows you just what a great size they are! I have lots of little toys and things belonging to the Sasha children and this will be a great place to keep them while also working well in photographs for blog posts.

So it's been a busy week and it's set to continue for a while longer, although I am off out and about with Paul visiting some places of interest, gardens, NT properties etc plus I must try and get to the coast one of the days, weather permitting.




  1. I think the heron came over from our pond for a visit - ours is a wildlife pond (feel free to send your frogs on a resettlement scheme) and no goldfish are there for heron breakfast. He arrives here, circles around, looks disappointed and heads of in a South Easterly direction, so he is probably flying all night to Dee & Paul's Fresh (un)Fried Fish Shop. No wonder he needs all the fish he can grab after a journey like that, poor bird.

    My Mum used to be scared of frogs and toads (sh! she hasn't realised they live around here) so we used to keep a plastic bucket near the outdoor tap where they would splash in the puddle that was usually underneath. She could dump the bucket over any frog that she saw and wait for Dad or me to remove it. Don't know if they screamed because you wouldn't have been able to hear it over Mum and big bro screaming.

    LOVE those Hagnolly jackets and need more. Where oh, where do I find some? (Next month - totally ut of dolly pees this month, to many relations insist of having birthdays in September.) Con and Tim are whinging about jackets for cold arms too, so will have to visit Michelle's list soon too but, as I discovered on my calendar this morning, autumn actually starts on the 23rd of September so IT'S STILL SUMMER kids, so stop moaning!

    1. I bet that Heron did come from over your way! and of course why not stop at ours , now we'd filled it with nice juicy fish! :)
      I don't mind frogs or toads as long as they don't jump towards me ! I have rescued the odd frog now and then, one from half way up our stairs in the last house! I did not of course touch it but a pyrex bowl and a piece of card did the trick, unlike when lauren was a baby and the frog was sitting under the gad fire in the living room, then being much younger , I shut the door and spent the rest of the afternoon into evening living up stairs and in the kitchen until Paul came home to remove it! :))

      Is it still summer? it does not feel like it when every other day seems to be chilly but it's beautiful like today when the sun is out! I would not mind but I sold two hagnolly jackets last year because they were not being used!! Now I buy one! lost plot... :)xx

  2. These sorting-out/tidying posts make me feel that I'm right besides you helping and encouraging ....BUT unfortunately I'm not getting the message across to myself to get started on doing the same thing here.....(although I have been assisting, opening/closing windows, moving and plugging in extension leads, making drinks and providing biscuits/toast/T-cakes/hot cross buns/ and light energy giving snacks etc as I've just had my exterior house windows/doors/facia boards repaired and painted in readiness for the Winter, so guessing that I couldn't be in two places at once.)

    Some great new Sasha related items.

    Sorry to hear about the fish being taken and eaten again though. Might you be tempted just to keep the pond 'un-fished' as an attractive water feature and its boundary sides do make a lovely extra seating area?

    1. That's good Kendal, you just send the encouraging waves and plan on yours next year when you are feeling more able!
      Sounds like you've had enough to do with all this keeping the workmen happy!

      We did consider leaving the pond with just the one fish, as we thought at the time, but we have so been used to having them there it seemed a shame not to put some back, mind you if I'd know a frog and his mrs had found it , I may have filled it in and turned it into a raised flower bed!! x

  3. Awww those poor fishes but I suppose the one positive is that the Heron comes to visit your garden, we only see them wading in the rivers and streams here....never visiting our garden. Although not having a pond might be a good reason! LOL
    I love toads and frogs and enjoy seeing anything like that, but we have lots of lizards and of course the parrots visiting us, and a couple of owls at night as well as some hawks.....I worry a bit about the Chihuahuas being grabbed and taken away, being mistaken for little rabbits, but I do enjoy seeing them.
    Keep up the good work of sorting everything Dee and enjoy the coming week, I hope you get to go out a bit more on your second week of holiday from work.
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. I only have Paul's word that it's a Heron as I have never seen this Heron yet! He could be covering for one of the Cats for all I know !
      I don't do creepy crawlies, or toad, frogs etc. I can deal with them if I have to but I prefer not to have to! ;)
      I cannot understand how I am selling loads but still seem to have so much? How's that happening? But glad it's going even if it does not look it! lol
      Had a great day out today with lovely warm and sunny weather , just wish we had another week off! it goes so fast! :)xxx

  4. Keep up the good work Dee! Thought you'd have to cover the pond, once a heron has found you they keep returning. X

    1. Thanks Louise :) I should have let Paul cover it when we got the first lot of fish after the Heron's visit but it's our own fault! When we had the open garden someone asked Paul if we'd had any Heron trouble with our pond because people further down had said they had and he'd said No! and someone asked me if we had any frogs, which she loved and I said NO! So we should have kept quiet!!! :)x

  5. So sorry about the fish though I love herons too..... The colorful, Sasha-sized storage bins that you found are just wonderful. Keep up the good work of sorting out and taking in too. :) xxx

    1. I'd quite like to see this Heron of Paul's! Especially as they are so big and I have never seen one that close.
      I just could not walk away from those Sasha sized storage boxes ! which is why I have so much stuff!! :)xx