Monday 14 September 2015


Well I am on an, if it's not screwed down, it's gone.. sort of mood ! with regard to my many clothes and dolls etc.

So amongst the ones listed for sale were my two Pongratz girls. Since they's arrived they'd been left in a cupboard and not really given any attention.

The first newer girl sold very quickly and the second older doll just had one watcher.

Here she is ! I think the lady I bought her from said she was from the 70's ,either way , she has a definite character to her face.

A face that will appeal to some but not others. Because she was the second girl I bought she landed up being put in the cupboard at the back and so was very much out of sight!

The first newer girl was gone and off to her new owner, so I was thinking, the more I looked at her that if she did not sell , I would keep her, her little sulky face , creeping back under my defenses.

Then this morning , she had three watchers!! Three.... watching...... lots watch but never buy..... .. so safe... not that I was not wanting a sale.......then a request for more photo's!....... these of her body! ......Shamed to say that the last time I looked at her body, was when she arrived a couple of years back!

So out comes the camera and off ,almost, comes the dress!

I realised just how dusty /dirty she was.

Her underwear was in need of a good wash as was her dress ,which felt very dusty.

Her back view.

you can see where the daylight has darkened her face and where her hair covers it's still pale wood.

So there she was having been totally stripped of her dignity ! However what it did is make me realise that I am not ready to part with her, she so needed some TLC  ! to rid her of the last forty years of grime from sitting on a shelf. and only I could do this for her!!

So I listed the new photo's then removed her from sale! Hildegarde  for that's her name ,had her clothes removed and washed. Her clothes are her original ones, so the dress is wool and I hand washed it but although lots of dirt came out, also a couple of holes appeared.

I also gave her face a wash and ran a damp flannel over the rest of her body which helped remove some of the surface dirt, here she is after her wash, I think she looks much brighter.

I think she needs a new knitted dress in maybe a pale blue to go with her eyes! So I am trying to find a pattern for her dress so I can knit one and have also contacted a person on the German Ebay who does make dresses for these dolls.
 These Pongratz dolls are usually  dressed in either Linen or wool, so I will also have a go at making her a sewn dress. I put this sweater dress up to her to see a lighter colour against her

She still looks sulky but a much cleaner sulky! I wish I could wash her hair but it's mohair , so I'm leaving well alone, even that looks lighter now!!

Her clothes are drying in the Gazebo where I set up a little line out of the rain but still where the wind and sun, when out ,could reach them. Cannot believe how cream and clean it now is!

So finally she's safe ! She just needs some clothes and a seat to sit in and a place where she can see the comings and goings and dish out her wisdom! Whether wanted or not!

I have to say It's also made me want , sometime in the distance future, one of the all wooden dolls.

These all wooden one's are lovely but pricey like an Np girl ! but not quite! Maybe more a pricey single fringe in perfect condition.

I just LOVE these two !

This dress is similar to Hildegarde's

Here's one in a linen dress with wool cardigan.

Well those all wooden one's are dream but Hildegarde is  here and staying and will need some new clothes.... yet more things to add to the to do list!



  1. She looks more sad than sulky to me, Dee. I'm in the same mood today but your photies have cheered me up. Thank you - but it will be ALL YOUR FAULT if my fingers go and press buy it now on a
    Pongratz when I'm not looking......
    J xxx

    1. It's funny how each person will see her look differently! Glad I cheer you up :) and should your fingers go and press a buy it now on one of these lttle wooden people , you'd love her or him :)xx

  2. It's funny but this happens to me regularly. I put a doll up for sale, then someone wants more information and lo and behold, all the extra photos and attention make me realise that I'm not ready to part with that particular doll....and often they will go on to become one of my favourites.
    I'm glad you're not going to part with this little one because she is sweet. It would be nice if you could do something with her hair but not sure how.....maybe someone knows how to clean mohair hair?
    You think she looks sulky, Jen thinks sad, I was thinking worried! I suppose you could say she has one of those faces that shows different emotions to different people!
    I'm glad shes staying!
    As for the photos of the others, I love the one with the bonnet, third photo down in knit outfit, she's so cute looking!
    Hugs xxx

    1. It does happen and then with me but I have to say all the time she was sitting there after my first girl sold I started to worry that someone would buy her!! lol I think if she'd gone straight off I'd have probably been ok! but the longer it took the more I began to think she should stay.

      I'm also so glad the person asked for more photo's as I realised just how dusty/dirty she felt and she feels so much nicer now she's had a little TLC.
      And I am really looking forward to seeing her in a nice new dress.
      Those wooden ones are so appealing... I just need to win Lottery to buy a couple and then build on an extension to keep them all in! :)xxx

  3. She is very appealing - I'm not surprised you had a change of heart and I'm with Jenann - you are a bad influence, as is Sharon with the Little Darlings!

    1. She is , isn't she! despite her sulky/ sad/ worried loo! :) Me a Bad influence ? I am an influence for the good cause of doll ownership :)

  4. I can see why you decided to keep her - she has such an expressive (and charming) face!

    1. She does indeed and I am so glad I removed her from sale before it was too late!!

  5. Oh my Dee, I too struggle with the second thoughts on doll sales. Sometimes before, sometimes during, and sadly, sometimes afterwards. Happily, you caught this one in time! :)

    I have always admired the Pongratz dolls but have not adopted one. I was very interested in your photos of her underclothing and showing her interesting cloth body. I think she is very wonderful and has the look of an "old soul" about her. Thank you for a very interesting post! :) xxx

    1. It' s terrible when it happens isn't it! Sometime's it's too late but luckily this time it was just a close call! lol

      I have loved the Pongratz for years and was so happy when I finally managed to get hold of a couple, would love a wooden one but Hildegarde is as you so rightly say an " old soul" and she would have been so hard to replace! :)xxx