Saturday 5 September 2015


Bab's decided to go with a dress by Karen Warnaka for her debut outfit and to keep warm, she's also chosen one of Karen's new style coats and finished it all off with a pair of Lisa Hartley suede boots.

looking nice and warm on this chilly autumn day.

I love to put blue on these blondes with the hand painted eyes, it always helps to make them shine.

The stringing in her arms is nice and tight but her legs are very wobbly making her awkward to stand .

Much to my relief she did not lose her curl after having her hair washed and it's now lovely and clean and soft.

I am so happy that Babette's come to live with us in the village, she'll fit right in.

Now I am not sure if she's new comer number ten or she could be number eleven! making me over my agreed ( and what I thought at the time was unlikely to happen limit ! ) so a donation to the Chat n Snap charity could be on the cards.....also eleven.... that's an uneven number .... I may have to just get one more to make twelve a nice round even number.... :)



  1. OF COURSE it has to be an even number, Dee! Which means, when you find her sisters Teddy and Joy and have gone up to 13 - a very unlucky number as well as an odd number - you'll just have to get a 14th one....
    She looks wonderful! You've brightened my day. J xxxx

    1. THANK GOODNESS you agree!! :)) and yes should I find both Teddie and Joy I could call it a bakers dozen or just go for number fourteen...mmm I wonder which I would chose??? :)
      But in truth there is no way another three will make it into this village by the 31st December not unless I find two of them in a charity shop for £20 !!
      Glad she's brightened your day :) it's been raining cats and dogs here but finally the sun is trying to appear. :)xx

  2. Oh, I love a baker's dozen. If you've gone over ten, might as well really go over...
    Thinking of twelve got me thinking of a Sasha a month club. Can you imagine looking forward to a new Sasha in the post once a month?
    Welcome home to Babs. She looks like she's fitting in well. She is a very lucky girl. And, you're right the blue hand painted eyed Sasha's look wonderful in blue.
    Didn't get a chance to comment on your other posts, love the shoes. I'm trying to stay away from purchasing anymore containers but, they look so nice all compartmentalized.

    1. I am liking the sound of a Baker's dozen!! :))
      How wonderful to receive a parcel at the start of each month containing a Sasha or a Gregor ! It would be good if you did not know what you would get until you opened the box!
      The blondes looks so good in Blue with their eyes.
      All these shoes and what people keep them in is so interesting, make you want more of each, shoes and containers!! :)

  3. Babs is very beautiful and her eyes and hair are just perfection! She looks so pretty in her outfit by Karen and nice Lisa boots! Our weather is still hot though the signs of Fall are here. Yesterday was in the high 80's and humid too. It looks like your air is getting cooler. Thank you for a lovely post and stay warm! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger . It's amazing how well these girls scrub up. I asked Shelly to send me her photo's so I could see her face close up, so I knew she was beautiful but they are so much better in the 'flesh'! :)
      Our weather is chilly in the early morning and evening at the moment although today was gorgeous and sunny and warm ,s o she's swapped her boots for shoes :)xxx

  4. Yes you will have to make it up to an even number Dee, you can't stop at 11!!!!
    I love her choice of outfit and agree that the blue really does set off her eyes, she's lovely!
    It's still hot here too, Ginger, and my kids are all very scantily clad.....though that is mainly laziness on my part as they've been modelling for me and then I don't dress them again. Poor things!

    1. So glad you agree! :) I do love the blue anyway and on the blondes it's just perfect :)
      We did have a lovely hot and sunny day today but it's starts and ends very chilly now, so no Sasha standing about half dressed here ! :) lucky you to still have some warm weather to come :)xxx