Thursday 22 October 2015


Back when Babette arrived?

If you remember , I had named her after Bab's of the Beverley sister as Joy Beverley had just that week passed away and Babette's name popped into my head and would not go away.

You may also remember that Bab's was twin to Teddie and I said that I was not going to buy any more dolls for a good six months, so any twin called Teddie would be a long time in coming!!

Oh hello Bab's ! So this must be.....................Teddie ? Now how did that happen !!

Yes HOW did it happen! Well I had no sooner shown Bab's on the blog and then gone off to share a photo on the facebook group where again I said no more dolls ...when I returned to find an email from a friend saying they had Bab's twin!!  and did I want her..... I said No!

I did honest I said No ! I was being good and could not be buying any Sasha's at this time! And best not to send any photo's ...

but our emails were crossing and offers and trades were being suggested, so I said those immortal words, send me her photo........

My reply was SOLD!!!

Which is why she's now arrived to join her twin ! But what about Joy I hear you ask... NO! There will be no more Sasha's this side of the new year..

Belle can stand in for Joy! Although she does not look too happy at these two 68 girls who have joined the family !

Maybe we could change your name to Joy? Pardon .. Never and over their dead bodies! .. Okay it was just a suggestion !

Pardon? You want to be in the middle being the eldest !

Is that better? Marginally... good...

And you think you should have Bab's coat and Bab's have yours so she's like her twin? Alright I'll swap them later.. Pardon , are all what? Oh after all you are a cut above them... because of your single fringe... I see.... going to take a little time....

Well who'd have thought I'd have three 68 blondes ! certainly not me.. but then I have learnt never to question what comes along just enjoy the results!!



  1. The slippery slope strikes again! however Teddie is lovely and Babs did need her twin.

  2. Guessing that it just had to happen sooner or later! (Can't see Belle taking Joy's place for too long either. Luckily the New Year isn't that far away!)
    All three girls are beautiful and delightfully dressed in eye enhancing colours.