Sunday 25 October 2015


I thought I give you a break before the next installment of Photo's from the Chat n Snap to share these photo's of Ashley.

For some reason Ashley looks good in Yellow ! and since she loves that colour it works well.

I was looking on Ginny's sales table yesterday and spotted a beautiful yellow floral dress in a Japanese fabric.

You can just see it here on the corner of the photo. Well I could just about hear Ashley's shout from the stage , where she was pretending to be a medieval miss, to buy her a yellow dress because she had the perfect boots to match !

So I asked Ginny to hold it for me and later came back and finished my shopping with her. So today I had to redress those who were in their medieval wear and so went to find Ashley's boots. I dressed her then remembered that I have been wanting to wash her hair for a while as it looked a little dull, so undressed her and washed her hair.
Was so happy that it came out well from it's wash and is now lovely and bright blonde. So put her into her new dress and her boots along with a pair of Michelle's navy tights.

and here she is !

Hair all lovely and clean

and those boots could have been made just to match this outfit the colour is so good! So two very happy people .



  1. She definately looks good in yellow x

  2. A just and well deserved reward for her Medieval stint! She obviously has a good eye for colour matching up her boots with her chosen new a hair wash to boot!

    PS.Hoping that my girl doesn't get to see this as (a) she's still in her Medieval outfit and (b) there is no new dress for her as a reward!

    1. She is a natural for choosing what goes with what unlike her mother! and she was changed first because this dress was just perfect for her ! :)