Monday 12 October 2015


"But " said the bear " I still don't see why you cannot carry this apple!"

"I have told you why "

"Excuses excuses !" says the bear in annoyance " I think.."
"Shh ! what's that noise? "
"help is that you Edward? helpppppppppp!"

"Hello! Hello! Keep calling I'm coming for you!"
"Whose that? Help me please !"

The boy forces his way through the plants .

"What is it? " asks the bear " a wild animal trapped? I'm not staying here if they have traps!"
The boy ignores him.
"Or for that matter if they have wild animals!"

"It's a Panda and she's not trapped just hurt!" the boy calls back to his companion.

"I've got you little one" croons the boy gentle lifting Lila from the bushes and carrying her away.
Luckily he picked up her legs , the second having also fallen while she waited for someone to arrive.

The boy tells Lila his name is Trendon Mullins and he's come for the first meeting of the Trendon boys group that's taking place at the Chat n Snap on the 24th.
He tucks Lila into the waist of his lederhosen  and her legs into his pockets, making for a very strange picture!

They set off towards the house and have not traveled far when they come across Diggory resting against one of the gargoyles.

"Diggory! " says Lila " You are supposed to be getting Edward for me ! "
Diggory looks at Lila bewildered " Why do you want Edward ? "
"Because my leg fell off  !"
" Really I knew someone else that happened to! "

"That was me!" says Lila in disbelief !

" Was it ? " Diggory says in amazement " Well young lady once is bad enough but twice! Really that is just plain careless!"
Lila's speechless but not for long" Not twice just once, you were going to get Edward to come save me ! "
" I was  ! "
"Yes "
"Why's that then ? This young lad looks like he's doing just fine , why do you want Edward as well? "
Lila is just about to comment then decides to save her breath.

Diggory's been looking Trendon over " I say lad , do you have room for another bear ? " he smiles wearily " These old legs ain't what they used to be "
"Diggory!" gasps Lila
"No problem " smiles Trendon " I live on a farm Sir, I'm used to helping Dad and my brothers haul lots of things around, I'm quite strong!"

Trendon picks up Diggory and tucks him under his arm , Diggory looks at Lila's leg sticking out of 
Trendon's pocket.
" Well I never ! "
Lila gives him a look!
giving a little cough Diggory decides it may be best to keep quiet.

Trendon sets off down the garden towards the house, two little bears tucked safely about his person.

Trailing along behind is Trendon's companion muttering " Yeah ! you can carry two bears but can you carry this apple?  Can you ? can  you? NO!"
stomping heavily he follows in their wake...



  1. Haha - still chuckling here!
    My word what a beautiful boy - must be all that fresh air!

    1. :) He is a very handsome and helpful lad :)

  2. Hello, Trendon! Trendon Lowcock here, along with my friend Gotz-Trendon.

    I won't be at the Snapping at Chaps thing this year as originally planned, but I'm very glad you were there to rescue Lila. Really, that Diggory LOOKS cute enough, but he was at the back of the queue when brains and memories were handed out, wasn't he? Just as well you are strong enough to carry him home too, because I think he'd get lost by himself.

    Who's the chap with the apple?

    Trendon L

    1. Hi Trendon Lowcock and Gotz Trendon
      I surely hope no one's going to be snapping at us chaps! I had heard it was a friendly gathering and the only problem I would have was elderly ladies cooing over me!
      I won't hear a word against that old fella Diggory, he is most charming and at his age is allowed to forget a few things, although no helpful for Miss Lila !

      That chap with the apple is Otis and he's come to live in the village and teach them all about Apple pie made the U S of A way!
      Nice talking to ya Trend
      Trendon Mullins of the Cow Creek Mullins

  3. So pleased that Trendon Mullins and his mate has arrived just in the nick of time to rescue the poor Lila....Diggory having completely forgotten all about her accident. Typical bear lad!

    Great to finally meet you today Trendon M via the internet and look forward to shaking your hand on the 24th October. (Please remind me that I promised your mummy that I'd take a few special photos of you there for her to see since she herself wasn't able to make it to St Ippolyts again this year.)

    Now breathing a sigh of relief that all's well again at the Sasha Village!

    PS Trendon Kendal (not too sure yet if James Trendon {associate member} is coming too) says to say 'Hi, and is looking forward to meeting you a week on Saturday!'

    1. It was very lucky that Trendon Mullins and his companion arrived at the perfect time to assist Lila.
      He says he is looking forward to meeting you and your Trendon Kendal and Jame if he comes on Saturday week and his Muma say he was to mind his manners among all those fine Ladies and gents.

  4. Hi Trendon Mullins, Trendon Elliott here - I'm looking forward to meeting you at the CnS soon. I am so glad you rescued poor Lila from her accident and I hope she will have her legs back on her body soon.

    1. Hi Trendon Elliot
      I am surely looking forward to meeting your good self at the CnS and all those other Trendon boys! I was most happy to assist Miss Lila and Mr Diggory in their hour of need.Miss Lila is due to have her legs reattached any time soon.
      Most sincerely Trendon Mullins

  5. Well, what a delightful surprise and it is so nice to see Trendon Mullins in your lovely garden Dee. It is even nicer that he is making himself useful, as he was taught to do, by resucing dear Lila, limbs and all plus giving ole Diggory a lift! He was so looking forward to your Chat n Snap and meeting his Trendon brothers even if his Mom cannot meet the Trendon mothers and brothers at this time. Trendon Mullins is sending his kindest regards to Trendon Lowcock, Trendon Kendal, James Trendon and Trendon Elliott and all other Trendon brothers and he cannot wait to meet you all very soon now! Eleven days will fly by! :) xxx

    1. He arrived at the most opportune time , to help Lila and Diggory get back home safely! :)
      And what a polite and helpful lad he is Ginger, he is a credit to your raising and is showing my boys how to be have when visiting.
      They think he is great fun and I am forever having to quieten them down once they are all up in their beds for the laughing and talking that's going on late into the night!
      He does miss his Muma and wishes she could have come but tells me, he'll remember everything so he can tell you all about it once he's home.
      Thank you for letting him visit :)xxx

  6. Hi Trendon Mullins
    Devlin Trendon here, associate member, and reporting for duty for the Itch and least I think that's what it's called cos my dad said so.
    I'm all ready to leave, just me, my friend Nuria and little bruv Teddy.....
    See you all soon.
    PS my mum said to tell Aunty Dee that Trendon Mullins mum sent him in a gorgeous outfit!

    1. Hi Devin Trendon
      Looking forward to making your acquaintance at the chippy snip. I have been settling in and waiting for the day to arrive so that I can meet you all.
      See you soon
      Trendon Mullins of the Cow Creek Mullins
      I will pass on your Mum's message