Sunday, 11 October 2015


The day is lovely , a little cool but still bright and nice to be outside in, enjoying the garden.

The leaves on this tree have turned a brilliant red.

What's that in amongst those red leaves? ....

"Lila !" calls Diggory " I think you should come down out of that tree!"

" I'll be down in a minute Diggory !" Lila calls back " I've just got my paw caught and I'm trying to get it free!"

" Well you'd best hurry..." Diggory pauses as he hears Lila scream and the sound of something falling into the plants. He goes to investigate.

"Ouch!" a tiny voice whispers.

"Lila " calls Diggory " something fell into the bushes can you see it? "

A stunned and winded Lila does not answer.

The sound of Diggory forcing his way through the plants follows until suddenly he's found Lila !
" How did you get down so fast? " asked Diggory baffled " Did you see what fell into the bushes? "

"Look!" he points " there's a bears leg over on that leaf !"
Lila decides not to look " It's my leg Diggory " she says quietly
" Pardon!"
Lila keeps calm and says louder  " It's MY leg ! It came off and I fell 1"
Diggory looks puzzled " Well fancy pulling your leg off , that's not a clever thing to do miss! Now how are you to get back to the house! Eh! "

" You will have to go get help Diggory " says Lila in some pain " Go tell Edward , he'll arrange my rescue, just tell Edward I've fallen and hurt my leg "
" Edward ? Tell Edward about your leg ! " mumbles Diggory  " Right o ! I'll go tell Edward your legs have fallen off and your hiding in the bushes!" he wanders back vanishing into the plants
Lila's not at all sure just what Diggory will tell Edward but she know's  Edward will come just to check.

It takes Diggory a little while to fight his way out of the plants and back to the path.
" That was hard work!" he says to himself " Now to find Edward ! "
He walks a little way and then starts calling "Edward? Edward? where are you ? Lila needs you! "

Lila can hear Diggory moving away and then calling faintly , she just catches the word Edward and Lila, she smiles knowing Edward will come once Diggory tells him what's happened.

She must have dozed off because she wakes with a start and looking up can see that the sun's passed over where she lays. Surely Diggory would have reached the house by now and told Edward? It's a few hours since Diggory went for her brother.
It's only now that Lila remembers that Diggory's memory is not what it was, due to having had Lucas when he was the Ice Queen's son, cutting open Diggory's head to see what was inside!, Lila begins to worry! Will Diggory remember to tell Edward she's hurt and stuck out in the garden !!
What to do! what to do! worries Lila as the afternoon begins to wain...

to be continued...



  1. What a lovely suprise treat to find this 'Little Bear Post' waiting whilst I have my afternoon cup of tea and two, (no sorry miscounted! ) FOUR of M&S's All Butter Biscuits!

    I'm thinking that Miss Lila must be a new addition to your Bramber Bear/Panda collection? If so, not a very pleasant introduction to life at the Sasha Village with a severed leg in the process!
    Of course of all the bears it would be Diggory, with his head stitched-up damage, that saw the accident and has been entrusted with getting the message to Edward! (Mind you on second thoughts, he might be slightly more reliable than Mr Mossy!)

    Super use of your delightful Autumnal garden as the story's environment!

    PS. As I'm trying really hard to keep my life as 'stress and worry free' as possible (to aid the health with the long drive and back in 24 hours to the soon-to-be CnS) I'm so hoping that the... 'to be continued....' isn't too long in coming to these screens!

    1. Miss Lila is Edwards much younger sister and as been around for a few years. But does not appear too often on the blog.
      Yes Diggory , he of the bad memory due to past troubles! Will he remember ? or won't he? Not the best bear to be relying on !
      The garden is looking lovely and Autumnal it won't be long before it's looking quite bare!

      The sequel is in the can as they say!!

  2. Oh,NO!!!!! Lila........LILA! What will become of Lila? She's at the mercy of the memory and thought processes of BOY bears!!! Heaven help the poor little mite. Edward is her only hope, a boy panda of greater than average brain power.

    1. Poor Lila ! Relying on Diggory!! or all the bears in all the lands she's got Diggory! to go for help!! Will Edward get the message? Will Diggory remember what the message was? Will Diggory remember his way back home? all these questions will be answered in the next installment.... :)

  3. Oh poor little Lila, I hope her leg is mendable. And that Diggory hasn't actually forgotten what he was searching for Edward for in the first place!

    1. So do I ! especially as the second one fell off too! I would not want to rely on Diggory to bring me help or even a sandwich! :)xx

  4. A very lovely post of Diggory and poor Lila too! I sure hope Edward and Diggory rescue Lila and quickly before it turns dark outdoors! I will watch for the continuation of Lila's plight!!! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger. I to hope Lila does not get left outside in the dark! :)xxx

  5. Oh nooo - poor Lila....EDWARD quick quick help!!!

    1. EDWARD EDWARD!! Nope he cannot hear me! wonder who will save Lila.... :)