Saturday, 31 October 2015


The witching hour approaches
But Hattie's still out
Hunting for the pumpkins
That have been left about

Hurry Hattie Hurry !
The darkest hour draws near
You must be safe at home
before the spooks appear!

But Hattie she's not frightened
She's seen it all before
She's got younger brothers
so she'll say no more!

So Hattie keeps on looking
and wandering about
Still an hour left
before she'll hear a shout

Then indoors she's hurry
and make the pumpkin pies
then settle by the fire
The TV before her eyes

And there she'll watch her favourite
a special film of note
The one with that tall gangly lad
The Pumpkin king ! that bloke!

She'll watch him take over Christmas
she'll watch it all go wrong
She'll watch every second
as she sings along

Then once the film is over
She'll wander up the stairs
There's many little brothers
Just waiting to be SCARED!

by Dee Owen

I found this photo of the Jack Pumpkin king That Lindsey carved a couple of years back , so thought I'd add it here.

Happy Halloween....



  1. A truly magnificent post and congratulations on such a superb poem.

  2. Just the right poem, Dee. Adequate to Halloween.
    I love how it ends:
    one can see Hattie pussyfooting to her brothers... ;)

    1. Thanks Anne, yes she had those boys screaming the place down!! :)

  3. A great poem Dee and Hattie looks super as per usual! I love Lindsey's pumpkin too, very artistic!

    1. Thanks Sharon.Hattie likes to look the part! Lindsey's away this week so could not get a new pumpkin done, so used this old one :) very handy having an true artist in the family :)xxx

  4. Lovely poem Dee! Hattie is adorable and I love her mask!!!! Lindsey's pumpkin carving is a work of art!!! No surprise there. A great post! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger. Hattie is a sweetheart! :) I wish Lindsey'd been about to do one for this year! I may have to start doing my own! :)xx