Monday, 26 October 2015


Well I was good , mainly because I did not have a lot of money to spend! I always plan on saving for the Chat N Snap and then I use the money on a doll just before the event, so then have limited funds.

However I did manage to get an item or two.

I bought one of the wonderful Fanny's Jacket and hat sets, shown here on Meredith .

a closer view.

And even better , totally unplanned I had bought this red elephant print dress from Michelle and it goes beautifully with Fanny's jacket and hat. I already had the Lisa red boots, so a lovely set for the coming winter.

I just need to find her some tights.

I did for my sin's take Agnes, to maybe sell and someone was interested but she knew I did not really want her to go, so Agnes returned home.
I had to buy her this dress from Ginny to make up for the trauma !

A better photo, the lights not too good, I need to get a special lamp for these winter nights.

I'll show you some more purchases tomorrow.



  1. I couldn't have parted with her either!! She's lovely! The coral pram with the three NP GIRLS in differing hair colours and their long haired little sister sitting down are mine Dee. Dawn and I brought prams people may not have seen. The Coral colour is original but even Dawn hadnt seen that shade and I was desperate to see hers with different sized wheels! Xx

    1. That's the great thing about meeting up, you can show people different things that they may not have seen before and see things you may not!
      Loved your coral pram and your girls and baby :)xx

  2. Good, you bought that lovely dress for poor Agnes!
    She looks thoughtful, but bright ;)

    1. Yes I was a good idea, I think thought that I may have to be extra nice to her before she forgives me! :)

  3. For one who 'didn't have much money to spend due to a doll purchase very recently' it's looking like your funds did rather well......definitely somewhat better than mine did, as, like you, I 'd had to purchase and pay for my Christmas customised doll..... PLUS I had taken eight dolls down with me for Brenda to re-string and two to Chris to repair!

    I love it when outfits 'come together' from new items along with bits that are already here. (I find that no longer being able to sew or knit this gives/provides me with a little creativity imput into the overall outfit rather than buying the complete outfit from scratch.)

    Meredith looks ready for Christmas and the coming Winter months and so pleased that Agnes received a new attractive dress for her upset 'at being put up for sale' trauma!

    1. I was lucky to sell a couple of dolls and that gave me some money to go around and gather a few things up But I am determined to start saving straight after Christmas for next year event!
      I too love it when outfits come together without any thought when purchasing each item or finding something you already own goes perfectly with a new one!

      Meredith just needs some tights and she's set and well Agnes , I think will want much smoothing before the trauma passes.. :)

  4. Wonderful finds Dee! I love Fanny's coat and hat and the elephant dress is very nice especially with the red boots! Poor Agnes! It might take more than a new dress to make up for that trauma though Ginny's dress is very lovely! Surely Agnes knows she is home now. Hope so! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger, I was very lucky :) Fanny's hat and coat are so nice with Michelle's dress and the Lisa boots :)
      Agnes does love the new dress by Ginny but I think she's got her eye on another item or two before she will forgive me! The other No Naval's are telling her they knew she'd return ! :)xx

  5. A very pretty outfit, the blue and red go so nicely together.
    I'm not surprised you couldn't let Agnes go, she is too sweet!