Friday, 16 October 2015


 Friday dawns  blustery and cool but it's bright and dry when deep in the garden the sound of a young boy singing fills the morning air..... ( to a tune from my fair lady!) he dances as he sings..

" I have often walked through this dream before ! ...but the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before!"

" All at once am I several storeys high,......... knowing I'm in the Village where they live......"

"And oh this wonderful feeling,.......... knowing tonight I'm going to be sleeping"

"In a village bed , I will lay me head ! and I'll pinch myself to know I'm not dreaming!"

"People stop and stare "

"They don't bother me !"

" For there's nowhere else today that I would rather be!"

" Let them pass me by...... I don't care cos I'm..... "

"Standing here in the street in St Ipps! "

Someone's happy!


I have totally missed the photo day, but will put them on tomorrow or Sunday ! :)



  1. Glad he made it for his sake, Dee,...but you are a friend......what have I inflicted on you....he's a very determined character ........!

    1. Hello Mam, I am very happy here , they love my singing , not like Myfanwy who says I sound like a fog horn !
      I will be very very good , so don't worry ! tell Connor I gave Lucas the train, he said he would send you a letter when he's got time probably next year! ( his not very friendly !)
      Have to go now Mam, it's time for tea, they have got fish and tatties and pea's .. I told them I don't like peas, so I will drop them down on the floor when they cannot see!
      Love to all except Myfanwy
      Bertie xx

    2. You mind your manners and don't over-do the howling that you think of as singing, Bertie!

      I have a hotline to Hattie and will tell her about your trick with peas - she'll make sure you pick them all up and, if I know Hattie, she'll get one of the bears to fry them up and put them on toast for your breakfast. She's a very sensible girl and doesn't like bad manners, so you'd do well to stop complaining and just eat them whilst they are hot.

      I do love you, irritating little toad that you are,
      Your loving sister (sometimes),
      Myfanwy x

    3. It may come as a big surprise to you Myfanwy but you are NOT the boss of me, that's Mam's job! I'm poking out my tongue.. you cannot see me but I am !
      You'd better not tell Hattie about them peas, it was not my fault they DID slip cos Lucas knocked my arm playing with his train at the table !
      And I don't love you ! you tattle tale I know it was you told Mam I put that chicken in Nanna's bedroom making her run out into the garden screaming like a banshee!
      Your brother , only cos Mam says I cannot divorce you

  2. Loved this post. He's gorgeous, and your statue is perfect--the eyes are so expressive.

    1. Thanks Julie, Bertie is a very lovely looking Button nose boy :)

  3. Love these photos. He is such a handsome boy and clearly loves the garden. I bet he has a nice, happy singing voice! <3

    1. Thanks Karin :) He sounds like one of those choirboys who sing the solo's! Like a little angel ! xx

    2. Oh dear, Auntie Dee - perleeease don't encourage him! Mam is quite bad enough, she's bought him a chorister's outfit. He'll be following our Uncle James to York Minster Choir School at this rate.....

      .........On second thoughts - keep telling him he's a great boy soprano......York is a BOARDING SCHOOL, isn't it? And don't they have to stay there until after the midnight service at Christmas and go back before New Year's Eve.....?

      My brother Bertie is a magnificent singer, you know, Auntie Dee! Don't you think Mam should let him audition for York Minster Choir School when he's 8 years old.......? I would so appreciate it if you would encourage him whilst he's staying with you. He's such a sweet, well mannered little boy and I adore his good manners. He never spills food or misbehaves.

      Yours with love,
      Myfanwy xxx

    3. Dear Myfnwy.
      How you know you would miss in if he went off to York Minister Choir school and he sing so beautifully he could probably go now and not have to wait!.... No put that paper down and don't send off his details.. naughty .. !
      And as for not spilling food, I am still finding peas on the kitchen floor hours later! But he is having a great time with Trendon Mullins and the other boys I am worried they will all sleep through the Chat n Snap due to talking all night!
      Must go and tell them to shush, so be a good girl Myfanwy and Don't write to the bishop offering his services, you know you'd miss him!
      Love Auntie Dee xxx

  4. A wonderful garden post Dee! I love that song from My Fair Lady and this boy Bertie is just terrific! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger, I love that song too! and as soon as I went into the garden with Bertie it started running through my head ! so I tweaked it for him :)xxx

  5. I too LOVE this famous song and just adore your visiting handsome 'button nosed' lad from Wales.
    My Trendon Kendal and James Trendon are getting very excited at their first Trendon meeting on Saturday 24th and hope that they will also be able to meet and greet the 'button nosed' boys too.

    1. It's such a wonderful fim filled with wonderful songs! :) Bertie is looking forward to meeting all the other Button noses kids and also the Trendon's on the 24th :)xx

  6. Now you have me singing this song, it'll stay all day....though it could be worse I expect! LOL
    Love this boy, now you both have me wanting a Button Nose boy....which is out of the question at the moment as I've already been more than bad in my dolly purchases recently. But I will enjoy him through these photos and maybe his mummy won't mind me having a little cuddle from him at that CnS, I promise not to pinch his cheeks or anything!

    1. It does stay once you start singing it! lol The Button noses are great little characters and well worth having at least one! but the problem is stopping at just one! :)xxx