Sunday, 17 July 2016


Someone's turned up to show Mary where she can sleep and put all her things.

Ashley, Agnes and Ginny welcome their new sister to the village.

"Did you have far to travel? " asks Ashley
"Yes quite a way " smiles Mary " I stopped at Mrs Shelly's for a while and she corrected my eyes which were giving me some trouble!"
"Oh dear !" exclaims Agnes " I hope they are fine now? "

"Yes thank you " Mary smiles " all sorted "

Turning to Ashley Mary confides " I met two boys when I arrived  very strange ! I asked them to go and find someone and that was hours ago.. feels like weeks in truth! and no one came !"
Sighing Ashley rolls her eyes  " That can only be Toby and Zac ! They have the attention span of a flea! They are in the lounge watching a film, I passed the door on my way here ! Zac was telling Toby to pay attention as Mr Banks was in big trouble!"

"they are very young " agrees Agnes " you cannot trust them to do anything, always best to either do it yourself or go check it's been done!"
"shall we show you round? " asks Ginny quietly from beside Agnes
" That would be lovely " says Mary
"We can help carry your luggage  " offers Agnes
"No need " Mary starts across the room " I only have the one bag "

"Just one bag? " says Agnes amazed, knowing she'd need at least four just for her clothes never mind anything else!
"Yes " says Mary picking up her carpetbag " I find I can get everything into my carpetbag it's very roomy!"
Ginny studies Mary's carpetbag.. there's something about it that seems familiar ? but she cannot quite place it !

Meanwhile Agnes is excitedly trying to get Ashley to realise what all her looking and nodding towards Mary's bag is all about! But Ashley's just looking at her as if she's gone nuts!

Giving up on Ashley , Agnes turns to Mary " have you had your BAG long? "
"Yes quite a while, my Aunt gave it to me when I was born, it's a family tradition "
"Your AUNT " Agnes nods

"Yes my aunt Mary, I'm named after her "

Ginny's still puzzling over where she's seen a carpet bag before!
Mary continues " My aunt Mary is a leading children's specialist at Great Ormond Street Hospital, when she's not helping people out"

" That's lovely!" says Ashley smiling " come with me we'll get you settled and then you can tell us all bout where you have been and your family "
Mary follows Ashley from the room, with Agnes and Ginny straggling behind.

"Wait ! " whispers Agnes to Ginny as she goes to follow the others " Wait for a minute I have something to tell you !"

So Ginny stops and lets Ashley and Mary leave the room and walk away along the passage chatting.
" Why are you so excited? " ask ginny once they are out of hear shot.

"WHOO HOO !" squeals Agnes throwing her arms up and dancing about " You KNOW who she is! don't you !"
Ginny looks nonplussed " Yes she's Mary our new No navel sister "
"YES !" yells Agnes then realising what Ginny's actually said  she sighs " She's a Poppins ! A P O P P I N S ! " and looks at Ginny expectantly

"Oh ! " says Ginny calmly " I knew I'd seen that carpet bag before "

Deflated Agnes drops her hands " Is that all you can say! you'd seen her carpet bag before!"
" Well not actually that one " concedes Ginny " but one very like it , her aunt Mary's "
Agnes cannot believe her ears! Ginny's not a bit impressed that they have a direct relation of THE Mary Poppins! in their house !

Giving up on Ginny getting excited about it  she says " Come on I need to go hear what she's telling Ashley , then find the others and spill the beans!"
Ginny starts towards the door " Why are you going to spill beans? "
Agnes sighs sometimes she wonders just what planet Ginny came from ! She's way to calm for a child!


Meanwhile later someones' found ...

" What a lovely horse you are ! I think I'll call you ....... mine !"



  1. Way to go, Mr Mossy - of course Mine is a great name for a horse - think I'll get one and call it that too, if you don't mind?

    Well, those girls really do seem to have a mix of personalitites and ways of accepting news. Ginny is a very cool young lady!

    1. Trust Mr M to be the first to find that Horse!
      All my girls are very different , that's why I love them :) Ginny is the bees knees :)

  2. Only got my laptop back half an hour ago so just in time to view this new blogpost.
    Lots to take in here so will most probably go through it again before bedtime just to make sure that I haven't missed anything.
    Thrilled to see MY Mr Mossy having a ride on MINE horsey.

    1. Glad you have your laptop once again Kendal.
      Trust you to like Mr Mossy's behavour! and you a retired teacher ! :)

  3. Wonderful to see a Mary Poppins post! Agnes is quite perceptive isn't she? Ginny is so beautiful and Mary is too! Very nice to see Mr. Mossy riding the fabulous horse! Love the name "mine" :) xxx

    1. I thought It was about time poor Mary got somewhere to sleep!My NN girls are a great group of personalities! and as for Mr Mossy, what can I say.. no change there... :) xx

  4. I imagine Mary is going to be quite an addition to the Village clan - and I don't blame Mr Mossy for laying claim to that lovely rocking horse x

    1. I hope she'll enjoy living here with all the others , that Mr Mossy ! I just don't know what to do with him ! ;) x

  5. Nice to see Mary settling in - your girls are great.
    Haha Mossy - love it!

    1. Thanks Rosie, I think they will all be great friends :)
      Don't encourage him... he gets worse by the day.. ;)

  6. Well well well, what have we here? I wonder what magical stories this little lady is going to bring with her to the Village! I look forward to seeing more of her and her carpet bag.
    As for Mossy, I had to laugh, he is such a little rogue, but I can't help but love him :) He looks so cute on HIS new rocking horse!!!

    1. Exactly who knows whats going to be happening around the village now we have such a new family member! There's already schemes going on that will no doubt be revealed soon.....
      Mossy ! He is such an imp!Thinking his just got a rocking horse just for him!xxx

  7. This was worth waiting for.....what fun could happen in the village now that that extra bit of magic has arrived!
    I like Agnes btw

    1. Thanks :) There are all sorts of things on the boil! so to speak, whispering and plans and schemes being hatched ! I just need some time to check them out!
      Agnes will be so pleased :)