Sunday, 31 July 2016


Well despite all my best efforts, okay halfhearted efforts, the smallest bedroom/Sasha room is still full to overflowing !
But I have run out of time! Plans and purchases are now falling in place for the room to become the main bathroom with the old bathroom becoming a separate utility room and toilet. Decisions are having to be made , do we have a shower over the bath or do away with bath and have a lovely big shower?
 If we do will we miss the bath? if we don't will we as we get older find it harder to bath? we could squeeze in a small separate shower but we hate the tiny square ones with no room to move and would it make the bathroom cramped? which is one thing we do not want to happen as that's why we are moving our bathroom upstairs as the original one to the house is cramped !
One good thing we have all agreed on is the wallpaper! Yes wallpaper, we don't want the bathroom completely tiled as we like to be able to ring the changes with paint and paper and you'll never believe the paper we love!

I will share the saga of the bathroom and utility , taking photos of it's change in a few months when it's all complete!
We've also been given the go ahead on filling in our front porch to become part of the house! So it will hopefully all be happening here in the coming months!

But back to the Sasha boxes etc etc,! Well I need to make the space in that room, so will be spending a large part of today moving lots of the boxes into the Sasha studio as a stop gap until all the changes have been made and I can sort out where they can go plus so I can also still get to things to continue sorting and selling whats not used.
It's now getting harder to decide or should I say let go of things because I love them which is why I bought them but I do need to skinny these things down! I say this while also adding things I could not resist which is somewhat defeating the object ! But far more as gone than as arrived, I'm pleased to say.

How can I a lover of fabric and colour be expected to resist things like this ? It's just not possible!

before I had Sasha's I'd buy pieces of fabric just because I loved them, I still have them ,unused, just there to allow me to look at them from time to time. I love upholstery and curtaining fabric's , wallpaper etc I should probably have been an interior designer but I'd have wanted to keep all the goods! I toy with the idea of doing an upholstery course just so I can recover my chairs whenever I see a fabric I love! Maybe I'll do one once I retire and have some time!

But until then I'll have to just look and admire these things.

Works been very busy in so far as people are away on holiday and so staffing's low and a few are doing the work of many, so I've been coming home and falling asleep for an hour or so on the more taxing days! It will not be getting any better soon as there are still people to have holiday and the last week in August is looking to be a nightmare, so I may go quiet that week.

Well I need to go see what Lucas and Socks are up to! Plus there are just a few...... things that need moving from the Sasha room.....

Oh and if anyone fancies some rhubarb and apple crumble ? pop round I got carried away and made enough fruit for two! so there's now two sitting cooling in the kitchen !



  1. Sorry to hear that time has run out with the sorting out/keeping/selling on of the Sasha related 'stuff' stored in the third bedroom/doll room... as if it's anything like me here that will be the end of that for the time being and so that is probably where they will all remain for some time to come.

    With regards to the new bathroom plans I'd definitely try to put a bath with an added shower in, giving you the best of both worlds for the time according to the much watched 'Homes under the Hammer' baths add money. Instead I'd try to add a large shower (or wet room space/area) in the downstairs utility room by buying a washer with a matching tumble dryer on top of it (especially knowing that you prefer to use your outside washing line whenever the weather is feasible) to free up some space.

    I just love Rhubarb, with or without the crumble!

    1. My own fault Kendal due to not getting a move on!
      I think I'll go for the shower and see how we get on,we can always add one later if we truly miss it and since we don,t plan on moving anyway ,the Raleigh value is not important.
      The downstairs does not have space for the washing machine even with the tumble dryer stack and a wet room but it would think that it would be against the law to have a washer in a wet room!
      I too love rhubarb 😊

    2. Wet room/washer/dryer! Oh dear! I hadn't thought of that aspect! NOT a good idea then!

    3. Yes, we don't want to be frying tonight!!

  2. Oh Dee, I would love some rhubarb and apple crumble!!!! It sounds just fantastic! I wish you all the best with the remodeling and adding a shower! We are doing some small improvements, like painting, and it feels like a very big effort because you must move so many things away from the walls to be able to paint...UGH....but all worth it in the end. :) xxx

    1. It was very tasty , If I do say so myself! :) Yes this redecorating, re modelling means so much stuff needs moving etc ! You spend just as much time if not more moving things than actually doing the job in hand! :) xx

  3. I would go with a shower rather than a bath. We have two showers and no bath....if I get aches and pains then we have the jacuzi/hot tub in the garden which is wonderful for relaxing in. My mum had her bath taken out and a shower unit put in a while back and it has made such a difference to the size of their bathroom.
    I love rhubarb crumble but I guess I'm a bit late now and maybe it's all been eaten...anyway, I hear it doesn't travel well inside a jiffy bag, does it?
    Incidentally, someone told me the other day that growing rhubarb in Spain is banned, I don't know if it's true or how I would find out, I might have to google it!!

    1. Funny you should say about your Jacuzi/hot tub as Lindsey said we could always get one and put it in the gazebo!Which would mean we could use it all year round.
      Alas al the apple and rhubarb crumble went, well it was delicious.. lol They could be banned due to Rhubarb leaves being poisonous ! :) xxx