Sunday, 24 July 2016


There are a few of my girls that don't always get the attention they deserve and when I'm really busy they get even less attention, so since I bought a few new outfits I decided to ask some of them to help show them.

Which is why Winter and Raven, my two brunette no navel girls, are today's models. They are a couple of the quieter members of the Sasha Village clan and tend to be in the background , not often coming to the front.

They wanted to stand on the Alpine bed wall, enjoying being a little higher than normal.

Winter on the left and Raven on the right are wearing  dresses and shoes I got from the US Sasha Festival.

No I did not go but a few weeks or so before it started I happened to find out a friend was going to be selling off a few things at the festival and was lucky enough to see her boxes of goodies.

So not being one to sit back and watch such wonderful items pass me by , I asked if I could buy an item or two. Luckily my friend said yes and after a look ,I bought two dresses by the wonderful Karen Warnaka and two pairs of the late Jean Jensen shoes. There were such gorgeous things to chose from but I was good and only bought a few things not wanting deprive others of getting a chance for a Karen W dress or a pair of J Jensen shoes.

Without even realising it I actually bought shoes that match the dresses really well! Here is Winter wearing a sweet bird print dress by Karen W and some lovely warm yellow shoes that match with the yellow of some of the birds in the print.

Raven is wearing the second dress by Karen W that I bought along with the second pair of Jean Jensen shoes in a beautiful blue.

A closer look at the shoes and dress fabric.

A closer look at the others.

I was also lucky in that another friend very kindly collected them at the festival and sent them on once she returned back to England. So although you are only seeing them now, I did in fact buy them last month before the start of my big clear out but although I am clearing out clothes etc, I will still buy a few new things now and then, after all everyone likes to have something new or different, to wear, even the Sasha Village children ;)

I would like to thank both the person who sold them to me and the one who brought them home, the Sasha world is full of wonderful people who are happy to help where and when they can.

So now I'm off to dress a few others.... yes there are a few more things to show but no more from the festival.



  1. Both girls look lovely, what a great opportunity to get some nice new things and not have to pay customs on them....lucky devil you! ;) And how lucky too that the shoes and dresses match so well :)
    My girls are jealous, having not had anything new for a couple of months now....honestly, some vinyl kids are never satisfied!

    1. Thanks Sharon. It was a great opportunity so I could not let it pass! :)
      Yes typical i'd not realised that the shoes were a perfect match for the dresses, I'd just like them all individually !
      My girls have not had much new for a while but it appears they are about to get a few things! xxx

  2. WELL! Well! well! That was a very sneaky/smart? move! You must definitely be IN the Sasha loop then as I never heard a whisper...mind you it's just as well as any Sasha doll/clothing/props etc. has been 'put on hold' here whilst I slowly and gradually bow out (hopefully gracefully!) from this amazing and truly wonderful hobby that I have 'seriously' enjoyed for a good twenty years now.
    Great to see two of your attractive, quieter members, Winter and Raven, getting onto centre stage and into the spotlight for a change. They look simply delightful here standing amongst your newly constructed Alpine garden.
    Good too, to see your recently bought Joan of Arc statue in the background.

    1. It was a smart move , when I say I asked! I hope that your bow will be only to reduce your wonderful collection to the Kendal must keeps and that you'll still be putting in your two pennyworth when time allows. :)
      I'll need your eagle eye to keep me on my toes! xx

  3. Winter and Raven are so lovely and even more so in their new Karen dresses and JJ shoes! The girls are perfectly dressed and look so pretty in your fantastic garden. I am glad you were able to get the lovely Sasha Festival items and it is nice that Sasha friends help each other out....they are the best friends!!! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, they'll rarely get to shine and these outfits do suit'd think I only helped Paul make that alpine bed as a backdrop.... lol
      There are some wonderful Sasha friends out there :) xxx

  4. Lucky girls and lucky you to have such lovely friends.

  5. Oooer - are you girls deleting my comments? Did I not use enough superlatives? Ok! You look gorgeous, wondweful, stunning, fab and amazing in thos dresses and sandals!