Thursday, 28 July 2016


"Now Socks you must look everywhere! they are very small so will be hard to find!"

What is Lucas up to!

" and " Lucas continues to an attentive Socks "  we only want the ORANGE ones! " Socks is well all socks!

"Just like these one's " Lucas shows Socks his new orange ladybird t shirt " Them's rare as hen's teeth !" and Lucas knows this to be true since he never managed to find any hen's with teeth even though he chased all farmer Bruce's hens!

Lucas and Socks set about looking for the rare Orangeous Lady buggyus ! They look everywhere , behind all the rocks in the Alpine garden and on all the plants.

"OH!" say Lucas looking behind a large rock he thinks he's just seen something hide underneath!

"What is that child up to!" whispers Amiee to Gertie
"Not a clue " sighs Gertie " and neither has he! " she giggles.

" Mrs Mum thinks he's one of those Idiot Savants " confides Aimee
" Well he's certainly an Idiot !" giggles Gertie

Suddenly Lucas turns and sees the bears. " Have you seen any ladybirds? Not the red or yellow ones but the orange ones!"
"Orange ladybirds? " says Aimee
"No such thing!" says Gertie

" Yes there is so Orange ladybirds! " Lucas cries " Mrs Doodle Dolly made this t shirt of them " he shows them his t shirt " See ! Mrs Doodle says them very rare like hen's teeth! "

"Whose Mrs Doodle Dolly? " Aimee asks Gertie
" Haven't a clue ! but she thinks there are rare orange lady bird's in England "
Aimee suddenly remembers where she's heard the name before " I know who Mrs Doodle is , she's a french woman eats lots of garlic and onions !and we won't mention the wine she gets through!"
" Really ! " says Gertie amazed
" Yes " confirms Aimee feeling very clever knowing something Gertie does not " Yes I have heard it's best to stay up wind of her ! "
"Understandable " agrees Gertie

Lucas has wandered off while the girls chatted and is now standing on a rock telling Socks how he wants him to search for the bugs where he points.
" Now over that way!" says Lucas pointing, Socks sits excitedly watching Lucas wave his arm about!

" Socks! you are supposed to be searching! "
"Woof  Woof " says Socks

" Now Socks " says Lucas slowly " I     want    You " he points at Socks, who gets even more excited if possible " To go....go... over ...there.. " he points to the left " find.. Socks.. find .... the ... bugs! "

" Do you think that dogs deaf? " asks Aimee
"No just stupid " replies Gertie
Aimee considers this " No I think he's deaf because Lucas is shouting really loud and he sits there wagging his tail and barking "
Gertie rolls her eyes " It was so lovely and quiet out here before they arrived "
"Let's watch and see what happens " says Aimee seeing a good story she can tell the other bears once they are back home " He may find some of those orange buggy things he's on about and we don't want to miss it!"
Gertie sighs deeply , how is it she's surrounded by fools! She should have gone to Anastacia's dance lesson, at least she could have had a laugh !

I think we'll leave them there watching and searching , it could take some time!



  1. Poor unsuspecting Mrs Dollydoodles for making that 'rare as hens teeth' orange ladybird t-shirt for Lucas, did she ever imagine she would come in for some garlic, onions and wine bashing by the bears Aimie and Gertie on your lovely rockery as a result! It is good to see Lucas out and about with Socks again, maybe he will become a naturalist like Gerald Durrell when he grows up with all this interest in hunting ladybugs.

    1. I'm sure she's totally unaware of how her names being banded about .. at present!!
      Lucas does seem to like bugs and being outdoors, so it's always possible that it could be in his future!

  2. Hi Mrs. Mum

    I be writtin' this 'cos I be a cornersernded bruvver. I thing maybe mine bruv Lukey is losin' him marbles. Don't he know that Sockses is going to sniff out them rarist than dragons' teef lady birdy-bugs better than wot he can? Lukey bashin' around shoutin' will just scare them away.

    Think mine bruv might be not getting nuff vitamins and him be goinga bit xx(doodle-lally)xx doolally. Him used to be so good for sneakin' up on peoples and little unsuspectin' animals. Now him lost he touch.

    I not be sayin' he WAS the world's bestest little creep, cos I be sure he still is, Just fink he gettin' bad at stuff he used to be good at, so maybe he need to see doctor man who can then send him to hospital for boys wiv beehayviur problems. He maybe need help. Then, can I borrow his teeshirt, pleeze?

    I send kisses for you (not for Lukey cos we boys) and tell you this not writed malishusly, even though Lukey got teeshirt I wanted. I just luvin' but not kissin' bruv who want best for Lukey and only to borrow him teshirt set.
    Connor xxxxxxxx
    PS I fink Lukey should be new president for USA and me be prime minister here, Me watch polly-ticks show wiv Dada and all them peoples wot do the choosin' of candyduts seem to behave like toddlers, so we'd be good at jobs. Wot you fink? Then we go live in Wash-in-tons and The Smoke and be out of you and Mam's hair.

    1. Hi Connor
      Thankfully Lucas did not spend all his time shouting at poor Socks to go look! He also spent plenty of time crawling about the rocks etc that I had to wash his t shirt because he had to wear it again today!
      Don't worry about his sneaking up skills, he is forever making the other child jump in fright by suddenly appearing at their sides! especially if they are just about to eat some sweets!
      Thais very kind of you Connor to worry for your best friend Lukey and if I could get it off him I'd be sure to loan it to you but he loves it and even when I washed it over night he insisted on having it dry on a clothes rack in his bedroom!

      I'm not sure that you and Lucas should be President and Prime minister yet because Mam and me would miss you both too much and do you really want us turning up to lick our hankies to wipe your faces? so maybe best to wait until you are a little older.
      Love Auntie Dee xxx

  3. Hahaha - you're on top story telling form :)

  4. Lucas really only needs to look down to his nice new tee shirt and he can see a really BIG orange ladybird....I'm not sure he will find any in the Sasha Village garden though, unless he finds a red one that has spent too much time in the shade ;)
    Another good story tale Dee :) Keep 'em coming!

    1. I agree he may be looking for something that does not exist! But at least he's not up to any mischief! :)
      Thanks :)xx

  5. Loved both the story AND Jennie's Connor's letter to his twin brother, Lukey. Just loved the phonetic spelling here! Reminded me of when I first started teaching in 1972, this was the method used for the Creative Writing in our small RC school (the idea behind it was that it was thought that it wouldn't inhibit their story flow by constantly asking or checking for the correct spellings)... although I have to say that I certainly wasn't a fan of it at the time, knowing that in a few years this would all have to be 'undone' and the correct spellings learnt before moving onto their secondary schools.
    Fab. close-ups of the newly created Alpine garden here.

    1. Thanks Kendal, jenny is very clever :) Spelling correctly is a massive stop to creative writing, nothing worse than not knowing how to spell correctly the word you need when you are in mid flow, as I well know!
      Glad you are liking the Alpine bed :)