Friday, 29 July 2016


Lucas is still searching for the rare orange lady bird bug much to the irritation of a certain two bears who have chosen the natural stone bench as their favourite place to sit , chat and get some air .

" I wonder how long he's going to keep looking for this silly bug? "
"Who knows! Hopefully once he's searched this area he'll move on down the garden "
"One can put hope!" Sighs Aimee

Lucas and Socks have been searching since breakfast time, so have just sat down to rest , while Lucas decides where to look next.

For a while all's quiet with Aimee and Gertie chatting quietly over one side while Lucas rests with Socks on the other.

" I think we'll have a look down by Drago, there are bound to be lots of bugs and things  " Lucas tells Socks.

Meanwhile over by Aimee and Gertie someone's arrived Edith!

"Bonjour Aimee et Gertie , J'ai entendu ce que vous dites à propos de l'honorable Mme DollyDoodles ! La dame est un saint comme notre propre st Jeanne d' arc. Elle est l'anglais, mais leur apprendre grâce à son français les enfants savent plus que juste où est la plume de ma tante !"

Aimee and Gertie look bewildered ! Edith sighs and then says in English " The Honourable Mrs Dolly Doodles is et saint to teach the enfants my tongue ! She did go to see your Queen Elizabet and her husband get the medal of honour ! She is a grand lady ! "

" Really !" says Aimee her eyes wide with amazement!

"How do you know all this? " asks Gertie suspiciously
"Because I listen to Mrs Mum when she tell the things " Edith replies " I can hear and eat at the same time!" she imparts with a slight sneer
"You should beg of the forgiveness of Madam Dolly Doodles "

Edith stomps away happy to have taken that gossipy Aimee to task.
"Wonder why she's got a bee in her bonnet about it? " Gertie sniffs
"Probably because they are both French !" decides Aimee

Meanwhile ... "Come one Socks let's go find Drago and see if he's ever seen an orange lady bird bug, he's been around forever ! "
They get up and start moving away, Socks in the front sniffing everything, the hairs on his back are up as there is a strange smell about!

" A dragon should know if anyone does!" says Lucas
Lucas pauses for a moment wondering what that sound was but Socks is making so much noise sniffing and now sneezing because he's got some pollen up his nose that Lucas forgets about the sound and calls a sneezing Socks to hurry !

"Maybe we should write to Lady Dolly Doodles and apologise ? " asks Aimee
"Well I don't see why but we can if you like "
" She's that famous clothing lady called Polly "
"Polly? " says Gertie
"Yes Polly wally doodle dolly!" says Aimee
"No that's not right " says Gertie " Her names not wally !"
"Oh well anyway I think we should send her a gift "

" I know !" gasps Aimee excitedly " Let's send her some garlic and some Onions! "
Stunned Gertie waits for Aimee to finish " Yes and Gertie you can use my aunts pen to write the letter . I know just where it is! on the table ! " Aimee gets up " Come on we need to be quick and get to the shop in the village before it shuts , don't doodle I mean dawdle "



  1. Hee hee - I remember those days when teachers turned French lessons into the most boring bit of the curriculum - I can even recite the first pages of the first year book. Voici Toto Lepin il I won't inflict it on poor Lucas.

    I quite liked Toto, benjamin de la famille Lepin. Mais pas Louise et sa Tante Marie avec sa plume. Pourquoi avait-elle toujours un stylo sur sa personne, jamais un crayon ou d'une machine à écrire?

    The older members of La Famille Lepin did nothing for international relations. But young Toto, being rather like Lucas, was a redeeming feature and got us through to the second year without rioting in class. He was the only normal, badly behaved child in the family and we wanted to murder Louise, who continually picked flowers or followed poor Toto around sweeping behind him. Obnoxious girl!
    We should have had Elfine around, to deal with Louise Lepin in the way she deserved or make Aunt Marie's bloomin' fountain pen explode.

    Now, just what are those bears up to, Mrs. Mum? You tell them, if they hurt one hair of Lukey's head, they'll have Connor to deal with and they will get through many pairs of ear plugs to avoid deafness by screaming and many tons of tissues to prevent drowning in bucket-loads of tears. His tantrums are a force to be reckoned with, or better still, avoided.

    1. Even though I had a french surname, the language always escaped me ! And our French teacher Mrs Macfarland a tiny old french lady married to a Scot would be annoyed that I could not speak it just because of my name! However when I meet some french children i could understand them!!

      How could those bears hurt Lucas? They are chatting on the otherside of the Alpine bed ! :)

  2. LOL I hated French lessons at school, I hated to have to stand up and recite something in front of the class whilst my face went as red as Lucas's hair!!!
    The rockery is coming on really nicely Dee, it no longer looks new as it's starting to settle in with the rest of the garden. And what a great spot for the bears to sit, watch the world go by and gossip! Can't be bad.

    1. I have to say I remember very little french apart from where my aunt left her pen and to tell you to open or close the door!!
      The plants have really taken well and are filling up the space with colour. Yes that little rock ledge is just a perfect place for a bear or two to watch the world go by!! xx

  3. Ah, Dee, your French is like my German then? I mean, how often do YOU tell visiting German folk that it is your birthday today and you had the gift of an alarm clock which your parents left in the living room as a big surprise?

    Where people in France were reckoned to be obsessed with their aunts' pens, young folk in Germany, it seems, were expected to get excited about dull presents lke alarm clocks.

    Then there was the mad Mamzelle, a visiting French student who planned to teach in English in France but was meant to teach French in an English school for a year as part of her course. All she did was breathily croon at us, ' Tell to me ze dirty English words! Teach me to do ze swears!'

    At least Herr Schmidt was gorgeous and allowed us to swoon over a slightly older man!
    Latin? The usual boring stuff about how great Romans were and what we owe them as a nation, intoned in Latin by the world's most ancient man still able to balance his mortar board on his head and hitch a billowing black gown, 6 sizes to large, over his shoulders.
    Who decided school was worth the tme and effort kids put into it?

    1. I wonder how they teach French and German these days? Is it more realistic to what you'd actually need to know or still a strange conversation which confirms to the outside world that we English are indeed strange!
      Thank goodness I did not have to do Latin, although my eldest as a GCSE in it, so should an ancient Roman appear I'll be dialing her number and handing the phone over!
      I dread to think what poor kids of today have to deal with in school and the lessons appear to be the least of their problems!

  4. Great to see some of your tiny Bramber Bears back in action...not to mention that little naughty scamp, Lucas! At least looking for this rare Dollydoodle orange bug is keeping him out of too much mischief.
    Super to notice how some of your new Alpine plants are now flowering or beginning to come into flower.
    PS. My French accent was so appalling that I wasn't even allowed to take my French 'O' Level exam and failed the Latin twice by one or two marks both times. NO German or Spanish was offered in my day.

    1. My thoughts exactly about looking for that bug keeping him out of mischief .. well for a while at least!
      The plants in the Alpine bed are growing really well, we may have to move a couple if they keep this up!
      Not everyone can be good at languages, I'm rubbish but Lindsey my middle daughter has French, German and Japanese!

  5. The bears are wonderful and I love the garden setting with the natural stone bench. Good luck Lucas, keep searching! :) xxx

    1. It appears all the village children and the bears love that alpine garden! and the bears have claimed that natural bench for their own! I may need to go see what Lucas is up to! :)xx