Monday, 25 July 2016


I did buy a boys outfit as we appear to be a little short on shorts! :) So when I saw this set, on Dolly doodles, I bought it for one of the boys to wear and who should nip in quick but Ragnor !

He was already wearing a burgundy coloured outfit and so when this arrived he insisted that it was 'his' colour! Well since he's not had his own new summer outfit I let him claim it.

So here he is Ragnor.

He is right when he says this is his colour it does suit him well.

Robin's come to join him, Robin has also changed into his summer shorts set but appears to be without shoes!

I see It's my fault you have not got shoes on! Hows that then?  Oh because I only bought down the box of girls shoes ! Well actually there were a couple of pairs of sandals in there you just did not look!

I don't know it seems I have to do everything! I'd best go find Robin some sandals I don't need him getting a cold !



  1. My lads have this outfit too bought at the 2015 CnS although I'm not sure that the shorts are identical in style. Love the colour, a nice change from the usual navy, greys and greens.
    Really adore your Ragnor and Robin. Such handsome 1968 lads with their NP eye paintings.

    1. Like you, I do love these DD shorts sets for my boys for the summer.This Burgundy is so lovely and rich and has you say a nice change from the blues greys and greens.
      These Lads are a couple of my favourites :)

  2. OK, lets try again,without the missing letters!
    You look great in this outfit, Ragnor and the sandals are perfect with it. So glad you got there first this time.

    I AM a little worried about dear Val, though. Did he not try to beat you to the package? He has been MIA for some time now. Has he given up on the fashion world, or maybe moved on to a new home? I miss him. Could you check on him for me, Ragnor? The Early Gotz boys do tend to have muscle problems and I'd hate to hear he's in a heap, unable to move unaided!
    Auntie Jenni xx

    1. Thanks Auntie J, I do love these shorts :)
      Val is still checking out what he wants to wear for the summer , between you and me Auntie J, he'll probably not appear until Autumn it takes him so long, putting on one thing then changing it for another then tutting and mumbling and starting again.
      He is a little wobbly now but Mum manages to keep him upright!
      Love Ragnor Wolfbane Owen x

  3. I love the burgundy outfit - I too spotted it on DD site but by the time I got there it had already sold. Clearly you were 'Dee on the button' (if that's the expression)!
    I hope Mum found you some shoes Robin and where are your socks??

    1. I was surprised to get it! usually I'm just a few minutes late but much to my surprise it was still available so I was lucky!
      Robin is wearing some nice brown sandals, he says it's too warm for socks! :)

  4. I think the burgundy is lovely on Ragnor, he's a handsome lad, but my favourite here is Robin, I just love this boy and he alwasys looks so handsome in green :)

    1. Ragnor does rock the burgundy ! And Robin the green, both handsome boys but that Robin does seem to just have the edge!! ;) xx

  5. Nice new shorts for Ragnor and I love the color. Robin is so handsome as always and he steals the show even while barefooted. :) xxx