Sunday 7 May 2017


Well a shorter working week due to Monday being a bank holiday , which was nice. The weather cannot decide just what it's doing! apart from being typically British and going through four season in a day!

Even yesterday, although bright most of the day, by afternoon a very cold wind was making the temperature drop !

But at least the Tree Peony flowered, well two of the buds have so far!

It is the most gorgeous deep pink.

We have owned a few peony's but this is the only one that's flowered every year! The blooms don't last long but are wonderful while they are around.

Along with finishing the hall and stairs in the autumn, there are other things around the house that need doing. I don't know about you all, but it is never a simple thing when making a decision ! There are always knock on effects involved. But sometimes these can bring about a nice turn of events!

This happened yesterday. We have a small brick built 'shed' very near the back of the house. when the previous owners extended the house, they got permission to take down the building but they left it there and put in the electric's for the old workshop that once stood in the garden. So we have used this to house a large freezer and also to send power down to the new workshop and greenhouse beyond.

But we have always  wanted the 'shed' building gone because it blocks part of the view of the garden from the french doors.

It's the building on the right of this photo with the black door. The Triffid in the photo is in fact the Bird of Paradise plant which as finished flowering but it's still too cold to place outside!

So the freezer needs to come into the house, electric's moved , so the building can go! Last year when we were doing the changes to the bathroom etc , I'd hoped that we'd be able to put the freezer, which is an upright one, in the new utility room but realised it would make the room too cramped. So knowing we needed really to get a much bigger fridge  we decided that we'd go to a fridge freezer but to do this, there is of course another knock on effect.

Above the current fridge is a large china cabinet on the wall, holding all my china.Well not all my china but the china not used on a daily basis.

It's also where the microwave is and the toaster and coffee machine. So this whole area will need redesigning. The cupboard beside the fridge holds all the cat and dog food plus the vegetables.
So knowing that this china cupboard needs to go , I saw my opportunity to finally after nearly 42 years of waiting to get something I have always wanted!

Yes a dresser! I have come close a time or two to getting one but never actually managed it! Until now. It's not everyone's cup of tea but it's always been mine, so I am over the moon to finally have one heading here.

I made an offer on this dresser which I'm pleased to say was accepted, so once it arrives I can clean it up and it will just fit against the wall in the kitchen ( one we want to remove but would not while Izzy was with us as it would have confused her from finding her way around)

Not only did I finally manage to buy a dresser I also managed to find and buy something else I've wanted for a very long time but more about that item another day!

So despite Paul's need to be out in the garden this time of year , he'll come back inside to restyle the area where the new fridge freezer will go. So hopefully at some stage over this summer we will be able to remove the brick outbuilding and open up that area. which will mean we are also in a position to look at replacing the patio paving at a later date.

A busy week ahead. I have the day off on Wednesday to go and visit with some friends and then on Friday Paul and I are off to the Sasha Celebration Weekend in Nottingham, leaving Lindsey and her friends to have the run of the house plus dog and cat sit!

So this week I need to decide which Sasha's are coming with me, a friend's asked I bring along another one of my small dolls, I'll need to pack a few items for the raffle and for the £1 bazaar and a gift or two. And I need to do it this week, not on Friday lunchtime, like last year that made us miss the meet and greet !

So since this is a Sasha blog! I will leave you with a photo of Meredith from some I have taken for tomorrows post.

Wishing you all a great week ahead.



  1. But if you ever feel the need to part with your Emma Bridgewater pottery you know where I am <3
    Looking forward to seeing your dresser full of EB loveliness :)

    1. I never part with my Emma Bridgewater, in fact I am expecting a couple more pieces :) Me Too! Cannot wait to have all my EB plus other china om all those shelves!! :)

  2. it is a good idea to have a freezer indoors and to get a much longed for dresser as a result of all the furniture shifts is a bonus.
    I wonder who will be going with to the SCW - it looks like Meredith is hoping she might make the journey. We are always last to arrive because a certain someone doesn't finish school until 3pm then we have a 2 hour drive.

    1. I know,it was only when we moved here we put it outside, it's been a pain ever since, so I am really looking forward to getting it back in the house!
      Meredith is definitely making a bid for the SCW attendance group!
      It must have only just beaten you there then as we probably didn't leave here until after 2 last year ! :) and it's about 2 hours from here too!

  3. What a lovely dresser! I used to have one, but I gave it away a long time ago and got a more modern sideboard. Will you get a new shed to replace the one you are knocking down? We are very lucky to have a huge garage, though we only have 2/3 of it as the landlord seems to have 'forgotten' a load of old furniture that's in there. We have our 2 freezers in it as our kitchen is to small for a large fridge/freezer. Good luck with your kitchen makeover :)

    1. Thanks I think so :) I have a sideboard which I was considering making into a dresser but I prefer having a proper one.
      No we won't re[place that shed, we have removed most of what was in it with a view to it demolition, last year, and the more sheds you have the more rubbish you keep!
      We had a huge garage in our last house and most of the time it was full of things and not the cars!
      Thanks the kitchen will be like everything here an on going project! lol

  4. How wonderful that you have a dresser at last *yippee* I am just so pleased for you!!!
    Good luck with all the rearranging now.....and the knocking down too. What a shame the building couldn't be incorporated into the house though. You could have had even more dolly space! LOL!

    1. Thank you , I'm very pleased for me too! :)) Yes , if only it was much wider , then we would have joint it to the house and put a pair of french doors at the end , so we could see the garden. Or if it had been much further down the garden , then we'd have kept it but alas it needs to go! :)
      Yes more dolly space..... more dolls..... danger danger danger... lol

  5. We have several dressers for our tea sets; they are perfect both for storage and for display. I love them! I do think they've fallen out of favour over the past years but I wouldn't part with ours. I hope you'll post photos once it's in place and "loaded up". The one you scored is lovely and I particularly like the fretwork

    1. How wonderful ! Maybe you could share some photos of them ( nosey woman that I am and dresser, china lover ) Yes they have fallen out of favour but never with me :) I like nothing better than seeing dressers full of china and things.
      I will certainly post photo's of mine once it's in and loaded :) Thanks, it was the fretwork that clinched it and the fact they offered a delivery service :)

  6. I love your dresser. I have a dresser in my kitchen at home and I really get a lot of use out of it, the bottom cupboards house all our crockery, one drawer is filled with odds and ends that haven't got a home anywhere else, and the second holds tea towels :) And then on the top I have all my china stuff that I sometimes use...but want to display. Apart from the dusting of it, I love having it all there :) I think you'll get great benefit from yours and you'll be able to get rid of the building that blocks the view.
    I hope you're having a great time at the SCW :)

    1. Thanks < I'd love to see a photo or two once you are back home. I'm really looking forward to seeing it all loaded! lol
      So looking forward to taking down that building too!
      Thank you , wish you were coming along! xx