Tuesday 30 May 2017


Mary's taken the opportunity to get outside and enjoy some evening air.

She was hoping one or two of her sisters might join her but they still seem to be in search of shoes and socks!

So Mary decided to go alone.

Maybe one of her sisters or even one of her brothers will make it outside tomorrow....

but for now she'll enjoy the quiet and the garden.



  1. Looking out of the window, the sky is clear and blue. Such a lovely evening to be out in the garden. What a lovely dress. Perfect for a walk amongst the flowers :)

  2. Your garden is lovely. It's exactly what I think of when I hear the term "English garden". I seem to manage the vegetable garden but I'm rather a failure when it comes to flower gardening.

  3. Mary is so beautiful, Dee.
    The garden is looking wonderful too - you are at least 3 weeks ahed of us in terms of growing season, so it is lovely to see everythng in bloom.
    Our grandson is sitting wth me, pointing at the screen and saying 'fowwer, fowwer' over and over again. He is impressed with Granny England's display!

  4. Your alpine garden is the perfect place to enjoy some evening air. And Mary has chosen just the right dress to wear for the occasion. I hope her siblings will find their shoes and socks soon, or they'll miss the fine weather.

  5. What a beautiful display of colors; and Mary fits right in with her beautiful floral dress. I really like her lovely and unique eyes.

  6. A very pretty No-navel standing in a very pretty part of your garden.

  7. Mary is such a sweety, I love her Shelly eyes. Her dress is pretty too, the fabric being as full of flowers as the garden :)
    I hope she has some company soon, it's nice to have some peace and quiet but it's also nice to have friends around :)