Friday 19 May 2017


While at the Sasha Celebration weekend I collected a couple of items brought over from the US for me by a friend.

This doll sized edition of Little Women.

These doll sized utensils on a key ring, it's great that they put all these miniature items on key rings It allows us to find some perfect things for the dolls!

and this ! A paint and dress her yourself ... Xenis doll!

A friend sent me the link about the fact that Xenis were going to produce some dolls that people could paint and dress for them selves and that were a faction of the cost of buying one completed .

So I paid a deposit back on I think February and I was then informed she was ready to dispatch just before the end of April. So I paid her final payment and she was sent to my friend who very kindly offered to put her in her case and bring her to the SCW.

Here is a close up of her unpainted face.

Full instructions are sent on how to remove her head and paint her eyes.

instructions on the eyes.

She also came with a dress pattern, which is great as i can make one for my other Xenis doll too!
I'm looking forward to having a go at painting her and making her some clothes.

Those things I collected .

If you remember I liked the look of this Kidz n Cats Mini boy with the Heather Maciak dolls, well I looked on the doll sites I use and found one for sale.

So Freddy arrived today! I had some points available to spend on the site, so go him for a great price.

He was very happy to be out of that box and home. I think he can keep the name Freddy as we don't have a doll named Freddy.

So another boy joins the village family. I'm very pleased with how he looks as it's always the luck of the draw when you buy a doll from the internet.I don't know about you but if I was buying any doll or teddy or soft toy, I have to find the one with the 'right' face ! you know the one that appeals to me and if the shop assistant says' I'll go get one in a box, I always say ,no thanks I want this one! After all I may have just spend twenty minutes looking at them all until the right one comes to hand!

Well that concludes my SCW posts, I hope they've not been too long and it's back to Village life now.... well until the Chat N Snap.



  1. You've got some great stuff here. It looks like you'll be having many happy days ahead playing with your dolls. Please show us how you complete the Xenis doll.

    1. Thanks I'll share my efforts on the poor Xenis doll once I get time to paint her ! :)

  2. Freddy is really a sweet little guy and I like his outfit.

    1. Thanks I thought so too! It's nice when they come well dressed.

  3. Well, Soul Sister I am with you all the way when it comes to choosing the 'right' face on dolls/teddies. I can take ages in a shop much to the dismay of other customers/relatives near by :) Loving the tiny cute are they?!

    1. I knew you'd understand :) It's amazing what you can get on key rings these days! :)

  4. Morning Dee- I CAN SEE!!!!! Blogger, FB, emails with attachments, you name it, i haven't been able to see it for days and I felt deprived.
    But I'm loving my catch up and this has mde my day - (Sunday). Freddy is much more cute than I thought he would be from the stock photos I've seen. he looks great with his sister but...... won't he need a brother too?!

    Wow, the Xenis girl will be a great project. Can't wait to see what you decide to do with her in terms of eyes and hair.

    So all in all, a great hall of dolls and doll related items and you have been quite frugal - no NP Sashas or studio dolls! Congratulations!

    J xxxxx

    PS -I was the parent of a six year old and a four year old who had to be dragged out of Hamley's Toy Shop by said children who got bored waiting for mummy to make a decision. Experssion is personality and personality is important!

    1. I thought for a moment there it was a miracle ! ;) Although I know what you mean when you can finally see whats been up on the internet :)
      Freddy is better in the flesh :) they only do a blonde at the moment I may get him a brother but who knows when!
      I hope the Xenis doll comes out well ... :)
      yes a great haul :) xx

  5. I love the Xenis paint-your-own doll. What a fabulous idea! I've just got back from a week on IoW so I haven't had internet access for over a week so I will be cathing up on the SCW weekend :) x

    1. I just hope i do her okay! How lovely a week on the IOW !and no internet access so a true rest :)

  6. Some lovely buys Dee, the little KnC boy is a cutie. I didn't know that Xenis sold dolls like that, my friend recently got a full set one but she's been waiting for ages and ages for hers to be shipped. Wooden dolls are lovely, so warm looking. I look forward to seeing her when she's painted and dressed.

    1. Thanks Sharon. This is the first time Xenis have done this, it was limited to how many people paid a deposit by a certain date. So I don't know how many took up the offer.
      I'm looking forward to seeing how she turns out! xx