Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Next up we have the Dukelets who had taken this windowsill as their own and though they were locked in over night , there were strange noises echoing along the corridors in the night! Calls for Whiskey and the sound of hooves trampling the halls chased by giggling children!

don't trust their looks of innocence !

A closer view... yes I dared...

This girl looks like the leader....

One of the great things about meetings is that not all are just collectors of Sasha's Some collect other dolls and will bring a doll or two with them to share.

Shelly Cuff came with this wonderful Schoenhut doll, even with his damaged/ missing arm he's gorgeous with the best boys face I have seen on these dolls.

a little paint loss but not too much.

This Vietnamese Silvia Natterer doll was lovely and so different to those one usually sees.

These are a group of 8 inch Heather Maciak dolls apart from the blonde at the back who is a mini Kidz n Cats boy.They belonged to Anna and Laura.

A closer look. I was impressed how well the boy went with the girls, so have ordered one to go with my three girls.

Teddy had brought his Dollstown  girl and got a nice dress from the £1 bazaar for her.

She is a ball jointed doll.

Teddy also brought his other Dollstown dolls, the girl in the centre and the one on the end have the same face sculpt. The boy's is different. I was very taken with these dolls, my friend Jane had brought her Dollstown girl to show me but I was busy looking at her and another bigger doll Jane brought that I forgot to take any photos of them! We all had a great chat late into the night about these dolls and others.

The only non Sasha I took was Constance O my Jerry Berry girl, who you can see here at breakfast where her eyes were way bigger than her belly !

The crafts at this years weekend were wonderful , I only got as far as Frances Trickett's embroider and make a bag. There were four styles to chose from.


I decided to have a go at this style with the heart.

another of the styles.

and another.

All the crafts were wonderful  as usual I only got as far as the first one I tried , due to struggling to find the eye of the needle which was tiny! I was offered a bigger one but chose to carry on with the one I'd started with.... so took ages and still have to finish !

The other crafts were

these although there was also a jacket and they ran out of kits , so mine will be sent on.

Jane's was making a smart card bag.

Janet's a wool felt rug

Anna's was a push along toy duck.

Frances's the bag

Brigitte's a leather back satchel

Judith's an apron.

Everyone one of these craftswomen spent hours getting these kits ready for us and I thank them all . I will be making everything over the next couple of weeks and will show them off once I have finished.

This is my goody bag given by the organisation,

The harmonica at the bottom was given to me by Theresa at dinner. The gold box contained a baby dummy and rattle.

So next up is my purchases from the sales tables. Once again I was quite good mainly because I was helping Petrana so missed all the good stuff! But did manage to get to a couple of tables and buy an item .

I got four wonderful dresses from Petrana's I could have bought so many other I loved but was good and watched as others bought them!

I bought two outfits from Dolly Doodles shown at the top and a wonderful jacket from Linda Simpson.

From Marti I bought this little fisher price toy.

So we come to the raffle ! None of my numbers were called but I was kindly given a ticket and an item I'd been watching was still available so I picked it. I just know I'll have so much fun with this.

A cycle carriage ! No sooner had I won it , than it vanished ...

Someone was heard whizzing down the corridor !

I wondered how my purchases got back to the room!

Came in useful while we waited to go into the hall!

Teddy's dolls having a play while Constance O dozes ! I am so looking forward to using this with all my dolls. I can imagine most there would have not wanted such a large item but for me it's story magic!

So that is a snippet of what happened at the Sasha Celebration weekend, we all had a wonderful time and congratulate the all the people involved on a job extremely well done. Bravo !



  1. When I saw your raffle prize on the table before the raffle I though it was the perfect thing for you to win.
    It looks like you got a duck kit with one of the bigger holed beads - when you come to glue it on the push rod, first glue a slip of paper around the rod to bulk it out then glue on the bead so it fits better. Also, glue the flappy feet onto the wheels before you fit the wheels onto the axle rod (the instructions say the other way round).

    1. I almost resisted but I just knew I could use it around the Village :)

      That's for the extra instructions, I'm going to make everything up and then share the results!!!

    2. Some people got confused about which way round the flaps should face, especially as they need to flap alternatively rather than together. They need to face forwards when at the bottom of the wheel.

    3. I will pay attention and if in doubt email! It's too cute to make an error by not asking!

  2. Great report of the weekend and thank you so much for posting so many photos as I forgot to take any!
    And that rickshaw bike is going to be such fun to play with.....hehehehehee.

    1. Glad you enjoyed them :) I did not take as many as I should have and was more as I went around rather than a stay in one place and do the job properly!!
      It will be so inspiring..I've already got a few ideas! :)

  3. Looks like a lot of fun to me. Lucky you, getting the cycle carriage. What a great accessory to take home with you.

    1. It was 😀 And I was very pleased to have the chance to get the cycle carriage for my dolls.

  4. Your kids will have so much fun with the cycle carriage, they won't be too disappointed because you have been good in the clothes department. So, everyone is happy.
    Thank you for the many lovely photos. They brightened up my week.

    1. They will, all the dolls ,not just the Sasha's are wanting to play with it! And yes we managed some clothes so others won't complain,I hope!
      I'm glad you enjoyed the photos,even though they were rushed 😀

  5. Thanks Dee for the looks as if a good time was had by all!!
    Loving the toddlers!!

    1. Your welcome. It was a great weekend 😀
      The Dukelets are lovely, quite mischievous at times, you'd love them 😉

  6. The mini K n C boy is cute. I've never seen them before. And I loved the Shoenhut boy - I bet he could tell a lot of stories. Your kids are going to have fun with that carriage cycle!

    1. He is, I'd not seen one until then. That Schoenhut boy was wonderful, I wish he could have come home with me and told his stories . They will 😀

  7. Love your photos!!! You have some things there I didn't even notice! xxx

    1. Thanks Karin, there was so much I never saw half the things being shown on the Fb group!

  8. Looks like you had a really great time Dee, the raffle bicycle is perfect for you and the kids in the Sasha Village....I look forward to seeing it in your stories.
    Your selection of dresses was lovely. And your other purchases too.
    A great time was obviously had by all :)

    1. I did Sharon. The crafts this year were just too good to miss.
      The raffle bike is just a great prop and will be good for my stories. Everyone had a great time it was a very happy group this year :) xx

  9. PS I meant to say that I am glad you were able to see the Dollstown dolls in real life, I knew you would like them, they're lovely dolls aren't they? I'm very happy with my Seola.

    1. Me too! I'm hoping to get a couple later this year :)

  10. I know this is late, but this is the first time I've had to actually had the time to really take a proper look at and read all your SCW posts and photos. I really hope that Ezri and I will be able to got to one one day :) xx