Monday 15 May 2017


People were asked to take along their favourite Sasha. I do not have one favourite, so decided to put in, at the last minute of course, my favourite style of Sasha.

The No Navel of course! Ashley stepped up and offered to fly the flag for the NN's. Behind is Frances Trickett's girl Lorraine So Serious a OOAK Kelly W doll which I once owned a few years back!

Then we had Lisabeth, Diane Dukes lass, whose mother forgot her clothes so she's dressed in her travel clothes wearing a prototype sweater that Diane had been working on ! She would't look at me out of embarrassment.

So I took another shot, told her that she'd look good in a sack, which made her giggle and say she didn't own any of that person's clothes but it did put a smile on her pretty face!.

the girl in the pink is Gills.

 another's favourite doll.

Louise's baby

some more

Ginger's two a course girl and Finn her NP Lad.


Another two beauties.

Mary's girl plus a lovely in white.

Three Studio's belonging, one in white Janet, in box Trisha and yellow, Laura?

two more studio's

more dolls.



 people kept on adding dolls!

 a sweet baby

Dollmum and DMD's girls with a very trendy slate eyed miss on their left!

The three in the centre are Janets

more arrivals


Loved this girls dress.

What's this? Wren and Jenny waiting for the room to clear so they can interview the favourites! Sneaky....

I'm sure a few more turned up but alas that's all I took plus people would also remove their more valuable dolls, rather than leave them overnight.



  1. Well done Ashley! I also don't have a favourite Sasha, as each in her way is unique and they are hard to compare. Ashley was a very fine representative of the No Navel dolls.
    I've always admired Frances Trickett's doll when she is modelling clothes on Ebay. Now I even know her name! Thank you!

    1. Same here I have lots of Sashas and Gregors that I love just slight more than a few others, so I could never chose! Frances Trickett is not only a wonderful craftswoman but a very very lovely lady too!

  2. I wish I had had time to read all the little stories that went with the dolls. It was a truly lovely display of dolls

    1. Same here, there is never enough time!But they were lovely to see :)

  3. How on earth do people pick their favourite!! I must admit that I love that Studio boy, he's a really handsome young man!
    Some great photos Dee, such a lot of dolly eye candy to be seen, and you photographed it all beautifully for us, thank you!

    1. I know I couldn't so went with a favourite group. xx