Sunday 14 May 2017


It was buzzing when we finally arrived after a longer than expected journey due to the volume of traffic on a Friday afternoon! So as usual we missed the meet and greet on reception but Wren was soon dragging us downstairs to where everyone waiting to go into dinner was gathered and chatting.

Wren pretended she couldn't see Alan H, official event photographer taking her photo !

Linda Simpson's sweet red head was getting in on all the chatting.

A few more attendee's were gathered around.

This sweet Button nosed Miss was asking if I'd brought any buttons with me but I had to tell her no on this year.

I was to meet this sweet no navel girl again later in the event.

Some were exhausted from the journey and were resting while they could.

While others kept watch.

This group belonging to Laura Horner were practicing ready for the international costume competition, you could just hear them giving each other instructions! " I'll stand in front and hold up the flag and you stand just behind!"
"No you stand behind and I'll stand in front and hold up my flag!"

I'm not sure if these two Studio dolls are Laura Horner's Brother and sister pair or one hers and the other belonging to another as there were quite a few lovely Studio dolls in attendance this weekend.
You can just see Laura behind sorting out her international children's disagreement as to whose  standing where!

 A closer view of the boy.

 and the girl.

Another of Linda S girls wearing one of her knits.

Wren decided to interview Linda's Red about her views on these events.

"Have you been before? "
"No this is my first time "
"So what to you think so far ?"
" It's a little confusing, so many people all talking and I cannot tell you how many times I've been pick up and looked over!"
" Really! How Many? "

" I told you too many!"
" Oh yes " says Wren " Do you come with any others ? "
" Yes my sister , She having her hair done by Auntie Liss"

"Oops " says Red suddenly " Sorry have to go, Mum and Auntie Liss want me "

Auntie Liss starts smiling and laughing.

" I cannot do her parting, she's a Ballet girl!"
" Oh that explains it !" says her Mum

" So " says Wren " The first big scoop is  Auntie Linda's red is a Ballet girl which is why Auntie Linda could not get a good parting. You heard it here first! I'll now hand you back to the studio !"

That evening at dinner Wren decided to sit down after another girl knock her and her neighbour over , she was quite happy to be able to rest after all her 'interviewing' ( Chatting).

We shared a table with Jane W and her mum Iris and Karin F over on the right.

Also Karin's husband Wasi, Peggy from the US and Louise.

 and Gill.

and Paul.

and the last photo in this post is my dessert , cheesecake.... delicious!

Alan H the official photographer took loads of wonderful photos which he will share on the facebook group. I did the best I could what with doing a lot of more to follow.


  1. Thank you Wren for keeping us informed! Love your shades.
    Seems you had a very good time on Friday evening. So many gorgeous Sashas! And it must be fun to meet all their mums and dads.
    I'm really looking forward to photos of the internationally costumed Sashas.

    1. Thank you Auntie :) I had a wonderful time quizzing all the other Sasha's and Grgeors while the mums and dads chatted.
      The international costumes are fabulous , just wait and see !

  2. Entertaining post Dee, and great photos :-)
    Tricia x

    1. Thanks Tricia, it was a great evening :) xx

  3. Great photos Dee, the event got off to a good start :) Wren is very good at socialising, maybe she learned from her mum? ;)
    I had the same situation with my redhead, searched and searched for her centre part only to find out that she too is a Ballet Girl! Lovely girls!