Friday 5 May 2017


Well it's that time of the month for those who would like to share their doll shelf photos to step forward and send them in for us to see and enjoy.

First up is Viv's pair in their Clothkits clothes out amongst the pink May blossom.

Next we have Ursula's photos , her lovely husband made her some shelves for her dolls to watch out from.

Now six of her Sasha's are keeping watch on the comings and goings at Ursula's

 and all dressed ready for the warmer weather...

Meanwhile over in Germany Karin's girls cannot decide if it's Cardigans on....

or cardigan's off? with the ever changing weather whose to know which is best!

And Jane's girls are just back from a party bringing some balloons to share with their sisters .

James and Valentine are out n my garden shelf ;)

Rosie's girl Lonely is showing off her Princess Charlotte cardigan that her very clever mum made.

Sharon's girl Sam outside enjoying the Spanish sunshine.

and one of her little darlings outside with the plants

Many thanks to all who have sent in photos, there is still time to be included so send in those snaps.



  1. How lovely! Where do I send a photo? :)

    1. My email is at top of sales page :)

  2. Oooh, you've got Lonely in there too. What a pretty cardigan.
    Such a good collection of doll shelf pictures this month. Our doll shelf is too messy at present, maybe I'll manage a photo for June instead.

  3. Lovely photos Dee, as usual, thanks to everyone for sharing them. Dee I actually have a photo so will send it to you now!

  4. Yay! Wonderful to see Lonely again! Hope she is okay... I can see mum Rosie is spoiling her with the super hand knitted cardigan!!
    Nice to see this month's doll shelves... thanks to all who sent photos in!!

  5. Such a wonderful variety of doll shelves yet again.
    Thanks to all concerned for this fifth of the month 'dollie' pleasure...although making me feel guilty yet again!
    One of these days... I promise....!

    1. Oh dear, I forgot to say 'Hello' to Little Lonely. SO lovely to see you again and again really sorry that I wasn't able tom adopt you at that time having just bought another doll the very day before.