Friday, 18 August 2017


I decided to take my camera with me on my walk round the village , I meant to take a Gregor and Zak was all ready to come with me and then I forgot to put him in the bag! I thought it was a little light!

So since the morning was beautiful I continued on my way and took the photos anyway.

This dragon ? or is it Nessie? swims through the grass of a house in my road.

This is  one of the field's across the road from my house , we used to walk the dogs here when we first moved in and before they started using it a few years back when it changed hands.

 At the bottom of the hill we live on , is this single track lane, the junction on the right is my road. The way ahead leads to the main road.

This way leads back round the village.

The house that stood here, on the corner, once was about a third of the size but they have spent a good eighteen months or more building this enormous extension . I wish I'd taken a photo of the before! you'd not recognise the place!

 One of the older village houses.

Another old property.

The village common.

facing the common, you can just see one of the signs for the two pub's that are along this part of the village street.

 One of the two pub's both of which serve great food and are very popular.

Some more old village houses.

Then we turn down this lane which is taking us back round towards the main road but it's a long walk..

more of the 1920's houses.

Because I was stopping to take photos and not just walking and noting what people had done or were doing to their homes, I actually realised just how much common ground and green space and fields surround the village.
Of course it's a village so it would have green fields and space but I didn't realise just how small the village was.

This is what I call the main road, it's a B road but well traveled during  'rush' hour , I'm showing you these cross roads to explain that to the right is my part of the Village and across on the left, is the other part of the village.

It's split in two by the road.

On the other side is the Church and the primary school , high on the hill, with  a couple more lanes  with houses.

More of the 1920's houses, these lead back to my road , so I walk in from the top of the hill having started this tour by walking down the hill.

and that's the side of my house, the white area on the left as I walk down the hill towards home.

Well I hope you enjoyed the trip round the village even if I forgot Zak! No doubt I'll have to make up for leaving him behind!

Also ...

Today I received a lovely gift in the post !

A beautiful summer dress with long socks for my Kaye Wiggs girl Elfine. My friend is a very talented seamstress and can turn her hand to making clothes for any doll. So when I suggested she consider making for the Kaye Wigg's dolls, she made this gorgeous dress and sent it to me.

I think Elfine needs to find some nicer footwear to go with this lovely dress but she insisted on trying these ones on for size!



  1. A really pretty village... such a shame that so many are being destroyed with all this massive house building projects.
    I can hardly recognise our Alsager village as the same one that I moved into 50 years ago as it's now classed as a small town!
    Missed my friend ZaK.

    1. It is Kendal and I agree, so many villages have turned into towns due to constant building up to and around their borders.
      So far we've survived but for how long, noone knows.
      Zak is in the next post :)

  2. Usually I'm too busy driving through the village to the hall for the Chat 'n Snap to notice much detail of the houses, so thank you for the walking tour (sadly without Zak). That is a pretty dress for your Elfine, she is feisty enough to carry it off with those boots!

    1. Such is life that we are always driving places :) Elfine's boots were for the Sasha's but the Sasha's legs were too wide to be able to do up all the buckets but Elfine can, so she's claimed them! :)

  3. To my American eyes, this is exactly what I think an English village should look like - lovely, green and peaceful. I expect to see Miss Marple standing at the picket fence, contemplating her roses.

    1. Thank you Steve. It is very much an English village , with lots of green space and also quiet with very little road noise.
      Your reference to Miss Marple as set my creative mind rolling.... watch this space... lol :)

  4. How beautiful!! Yes, as Kendal says, our villages are being lost by these huge building projects :( All the fields where my friends and I once played are now houses and roads. The old Pontin's was demolished and is now becoming a new housing estate :( I still live where I was born and bred, but I suppose the old housing estate I grew up on was a 'new build' once xx

    1. They are! The top of the village by the church is forever under threat from Stevenage a large town about three miles away from it.
      I don't disagree in building in a village but I feel it should be no more than 1% of the houses already there.
      and so true these houses were all new builds one :)

  5. How lovely to see the village hasn't changed. Long before I knew you, a friend and I passed through on a trip and our car overheated just by the pub. So of course, we spent an hour or two over a long lunch whilst waiting for the AA (the car one not the booze one!) to turn up. Not only was it beautiful, it was also such a friendly place. i hope it has kept the friendly atmosphere too?

    Thanks for the armchair stroll, Dee!

    1. It's pretty much as you left.. I've heard talk of your visit to that pub.. ;) It is still a very friendly place , glad you enjoyed the tour :) x

  6. You live in a beautiful quintessential English village......and I include the name in that description too. Thank you so much for the wander around the village I so enjoyed seeing it.

    My 'village' has suffered the same fate as Kendal's Alsager......and East Leake is now a small town, and they are STILL building more houses *sigh*

    And I love Elfine's new is a perfect fit. I managed to snag one of Susan's dresses from ebay. It arrived today *yippee*

    1. Thank you Jane :) It took me a while to pronounce the village name correctly ! and I normally have to pronounce it when spelling it for people :)
      This building everywhere is a shame unless it's done in a way that fits into the original place that was there :)
      Thanks, Susan is a great new place to get dresses for the KW girls. I look forward to seeing her new dress :)

  7. A wonderful tour of your village and I enjoyed every photo! What a beautiful village you live in and I hope it always remains a charming village! Your Elaine looks adorable in her new dress and I recognize those purple shoes from Sashapotamus I think? Eight buckles to do but oh what a great look! Thank you for a most interesting post. 😊 xxx

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Ginger and i too hope it keeps it charm.
      Yes it was Sashapotamus that sold those boots, I'd forgotten, and yes so many buckles once they are on they'll stay a while! :) xx